Monday, January 26, 2009

Farewell is such sweet sorrow but till we meet again tomorrow....

Time flies and before we know it, it’s time to say goodbye. I was expecting farewell 6 months down the road, but suddenly, I am waving goodbye to D.C. It was quite nostalgic and emotional as I spent most of the past 2 years in this little town, living a very different life as I am used to my urban enclave.

The first half of my time here was mostly uneventful and lonely. I was at the lowest point of my spiritual, emotional and physical life. There was little social support and I was also working very hard to learn up surgical skills, thus a very difficult season. It was near the end of 2007 that I began to see the end of the dark tunnel. The light emerged.

I embraced the light fully by mid-2008. The absolute zenith was in late 2008 when I was involved in the doctor’s fellowship, running, rollerblading, hiking, blogging and meeting new friends. It was the happiest period of my life in the entire decade. Yeah, I am into a new language and its not even verbal : Sign language. It’s a very good tool and practical too.

It started from boss and radiated very quickly to Em, Ken and I. We were all eager beavers trying out the movements. In fact, we were so enthusiastic that we decided to perform the sign language version of How Great is Our God by Chris Tomlin during the first year anniversary of the TI doctors fellowship.

The problem with the 4 of us is that we keep on having oncalls and thus that disrupted the practice schedule. It was so difficult gathering all 4 of us together that we ended up practicing only 3 times and I didn’t even practice on my own. It was truly by the grace of God that we managed to perform the mime/dance.

Anyway, it was a pretty emotional day as we performed, pastor preached, some were water baptized again and then we sang the song Friends Forever by Michael W Smith. The song is a very ‘emotional’ song and made me cry as my friends gave me a huge group hug. Oh, I will miss the wonderful fellowship in DC.

Many thanks to Emily, Mr Peter (Boss), Tay, Wang, Chua & Jan, Kenneth, Lau, Donny & family, Alex Tan, Fenky, Tse Nee, Lau, Kew + Koh + Shelby + the cool efficient surgical HOs, Ravi, Aqidah, Syed, Mr Vasu, Mr Pani, Sing Shung the Hope TI team and so many others who blessed my life so much!

P.S : I’m sorry if I forgot to mention your name. Mamak is on me if we ever meet again

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ChoonSeng said...

I like how you mentioned my name... twice. Hahahahhahahaha.