Saturday, January 24, 2009

Renovation in progress...

I need to jazz up my blog…desperately

After a long online hiatus (no internet connection at home for 6 months), I was back online in KL and started browsing through other blogs.

Then it hit upon me..

I am so darn boring. Oh, I mean my blog is a bit on the prim and proper side. Seriously, I think ppl could fall asleep reading my blog. Although I am supposed to be the cilipadi, it is hardly a spicy blog. In my humble opinion, I probably lead a ‘spicy’ life according to modern standards of medical doctors, but hardly ground breaking news. I still can’t cook like Nigella Lawson, or run like Paula Radcliffe or sing like Beyonce. But I can still try…just have to sacrifice a few taste buds, synovial joints and laryngeal muscles in the process!

My dreams of working in a far away land or a war-torn country is still in the drawing boards judging at how hard it is to convince my parents that I could be of use in a country in crisis. They worry for me as I couldn’t even negotiate a curve in a trunk road without crashing my car!

Well, I drove myself home safely this CNY. Without touching my phone on the highway, I concentrated on the road while chuckling at how smooth traffic was. I was driving within the speed limit as carefully as I can, being a very repentful little girl. Anyway, it’s so peaceful driving southbound while half the nation is going northbound from KL. Phew….

It’s hot again this time of the year. So hot that it scorches our brain and fry all productive cells. I was staring at the computer blankly thinking how best to update my blog without resorting to my old, tried and tested formulae.

All fails. I am still uploading the same kinda pictures, with the same kinda message. The least I could do was to renovate the blog and change the theme. Yeah, I am restless. And young, so I could do anything I want with my blog. Hopefully….

Anyway for once, I was trying out a 'bimbo' pose which simply looks weird on someone as studious and conservative as me right? My short-lived stint as a 'model' would probably fizzle out soon as I am reluctant to show much skin. Flaunting assets in public needs a different sort of verve and courage, I think. Sigh...maybe I should just stick to my outdoor sports, gobbling up books and playing my music.

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cute little angel said...

hey! looking good!
Congrats on ur transfer :)
neways, just be youself! That's the best!
Happy CNY!!!