Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Utopia

The first word in my title : Dreams.

Dreams maketh the man and not the other way round. After an inspiring message from my senior pastor in the last Sunday service of 2008, I've moving towards a closure to the turbulent year of 2008. Coincidentally, my personal driving force seems to echo the ethos of Obama, the very Agent of Change. I believe that dreams drive a person on, insofar as changes to oneself and a nation urges us forward and gives us the practical and realistic impetus to act upon our lives.

I am a dreamer. I love to visualize and IMHO, without vision, would perish. Some people said that a planner might be too rigorous, too systematic in his or her life. I beg to differ..dreams offer a form of structure, a clear framework of the direction that we are taking. Of course we cannot have a tunnel-like vision but we should allow our dream to evolve, to take a broader and flexible shape as we mature in life. That's the beauty of the sermon that I heard today, the inspiration of today's blog entry.

I believe too that each of us can be an agent of change, hopefully for the better. Changes can sweep an individual, a community and even a nation. Changes move our spiritual, mental and physical inertia into fruitful energy. I detest inactivity unless the rest is purposeful. A purpose-driven life is one that brings about transformation all around our oikos (Greek for community).

The idea that each of us are destined for greater things and could be agents of change inspired me that we should not be contented to think of only what we can achieve today, but what we can achieve in the future. Tangible advancements in various civilizations shape the current world.Although individual heroes stood out throughout history, the mark of civilization is when the whole collective, united community reaches a golden era for that particular point in time.

That's why I visualize the the subsequent generations would define this current generation. Are we going to be the generation of selfish overachievers who grabs at every opportunity without a thought to the downtrodden, or a generation of magnanimous and noble people whereby in each heart resides a generous and tolerant spirit?

The greatest advantage of the information revolution is the way the current generation utilizes technology and information. This age of discovery heralds in many forms of excesses and crimes but if with the grace of God and people who could rise above mediocrity and self-absorption, I have great faith that we would leave a giant footprint in the history of mankind. We could help, inspire, motivate, encourage more inventions, good-will and love in an egalitarian society. Somehow grandiose aspirations but surely, something, somehow, somewhere, the goodness would reign again and hope prevails.

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