Monday, December 22, 2008

Getting into the Spirit..another community message from yours truly

It's the time of the year again. We know it's almost the end of the year when:

1. the lights and trees are all up
2. numerous malls and street decor with non-specific themes
3. the people all rushing to buy gifts for one another
4. massive queues near ATMs (to coincide with the year-end bonus)

Yeah, Christmas-time is here and we could really feel the atmosphere chilling down to tropical 'winter wonderlands'

Judging at how warm our country is, the closest we get to winter are the massive shopping malls and offices. After all, people dress up very warmly to work just because the air-cond are on full blast. One of my Christmas wish list is that we go back to environment conservation and work towards reducing the need of air-cond in buildings or cooling down buildings using renewable energy like solar power, etc, etc...

Another item on my wish list is the use of plastic bag in our community..or rather advocating the use of reusable bags like paper bags, rattan bags, cloth bags, etc in shopping. If each of us bring our own bags when we go shopping, i think we will go a long way in this aspect. After all, each plastic bag is very harmful to the environment and dangerous to marine creatures. So be nice to nature, bring your own bag out and say no when the salesperson hand you a plastic bag k?

Another amazing thing is the profusion of Christmas decor all over Malaysia and Singapore. I am not sure about other capital cities but this is quite confusing to a lot of people who don't celebrate Christmas. I know the decorations are really wonderful and they do bring about the atmosphere but how about the true meaning of Christmas? Anyway, I appreciate all the hard work and creativity that go about in setting up the scenes..they are truly ingenious work of art and I appreciate and applaud them. It's just that sometimes I wish a few scenes from the Bible are included in the Christmas decor so that we are reminded of the true Meaning.

If not, pretty soon, people will forget that Christmas is one of the holiest season in the calendar, commemorating the birth of our Saviour and reminding us that we are forgiven and beloved. It is a season of love, forgiveness, peace and good-will.

Anyway, God bless all of you in the special season and may love, forgiveness and peace prevails!

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cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

mother nature loves the community message from the cilipadidoctor!!