Saturday, December 20, 2008

Island getaway 1

Disclaimer : My life through my blog is not indicative of my actual 7-5 job (or 7-7 sometimes). Although it might seems to people that all I do is travel, haf fun and take pictures...I do work for a living and help save human lives. Thank you for your attention :-)

Anyway, on one clear weekend, three weird doctors decided that its time to escape to a nearby island and smell the sea breeze. Therefore, since i was supposed to go to the northern region for a conference, we decided to stop by Penang for a visit.

Happy civil servants who are so 'patriotic' decided to do our country a favour by doing a 'cuti-cuti Malaysia' and help drive the economy by doing what we do and eating! And so physical exertion at times.

We decided to combine the best of both worlds by climbing 5km up a steep hill (unsurprisingly called Penang Hill) for the best breakfast this side of Penang...David Brown's Strawberry Hill.

This seems to be a very posh, private place as the cable car was not opened yet (btw, it is just reopened recently so couch potatoes can zoom straight up to the hill) and we dined in peace, surrounded by water lilies, roses, begonias and not much of insects (strangely so)

we were the only ones taking breakfast that morning..but it was a very beautiful day. the birds were chirping and the flowers were blooming brightly.

i was busy admiring and capturing the flowers on my camera too while contemplating on the wonders of God..His amazing creations.

Anyway, we made it up in 1 piece other than the fact i was so hypoglycaemic that i took Vico powder like as if its power gel. and so painfully slow that i was hating myself. literally. aiseh. Also remember the fact that it was so early, I wore my most ah-mah shorts and ended up not very happy with myself. Nvm, lessons learnt.

at least we discovered that landslides happen everywhere in Malaysia, even in a forest reserve in Penang. darn, we are so bad at environment management. Al Gore, where art thou?

More tales coming up next on different adventures in Penang and then back in KL, my beloved hometown.

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