Monday, December 15, 2008

Cosmopolitan Adventure Part 2

Aaaaaargh..couldn’t stop the bloody alarm clock from ringing as I roused myself from my deep REM sleep and looked thunderously around at a unfamiliar surrounding. Oh God, why did I promise my friends that I will be at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008 as a Singinspirator?

You see, I was the designated 'number 1 supporter' for my 3 other friends running in the Singapore International Marathon due to my tardiness in signing up. Thus, I woke up darn early on a public holiday after playing with my extremely naughty nieces and nephews who were jumping around me (and on me....ouch u bet it hurts when a 2 year-old precocious little girl fling herself onto your tummy!) the entire night before. I took a bus to the MRT station grumpily as the whole nation seem to be headed to the Padang for the race....everyone seemed to be so fit, especially the running uncles and aunties.

The crowd was pretty humongous by the time I arrive. At least it was already daybreak, I hung around where all the good food were and collected my supporter’s kit. It was so cool right? I even saw this huge shoe which could probably fit 10 of me!

Anyhow, I waited in front of the finishing line to cheer my friends but unfortunately, I couldn’t catch any of them. It was so totally jam-packed with the human race. The funny deejay was busy commenting on the runners, some half-naked while others were very skimpily dressed. I thought I saw a girl in bikini and another with bunny ears. Hahaha…

Alls well that ends well as both my friends ran their personal best in the best-organized race of the year..making me a teeny weeny envious as I didn’t run. I quickly banished that feeling as was too busy snapping up pictures of cute runners with hot bods (wink, wink)...After the race, we walked around town and freshened up to go for another run of eating and drinking along the Orchard Rd area.

I had one of the best meals in the year 2008 (besides the cheap and delicious seafood meal at Hutan Melintang..that was awesome too) at the Waraku Jap restaurant with the Subang Jaya gang. It was superb as we chowed ravenously on high-quality Japanese food, which was my all-time favourite.

Not only that, found the coolest, most happening hip watering holes this side of the Causeway at Clarkes’ Quay and managed to finish my mug of cold beer at the microbrewery. I wished we went into Zouk or something like that, but we were all too tired from the day’s exertion. I could see that my triumphant running mates were almost asleep by the time we downed the beer. Well, I am sure that there is always another excuse to hang out at Clarkes’ Quay!

Coming up next, chronicles of the buns of steel discovered at Penang!

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