Friday, December 12, 2008

Cosmopolitan Adventure Part 1

Last weekend, I was having a great time in the city down of the most globalized city in the world. Singapore is quite fun to explore on foot and with a few extremely fun and hospitable friends around, we had a great time there.

PS and I traveled separately on different buses as we bought the tickets on separate occasions all thanks to my ‘superb’ organizational skills (or the lack of it!). It was clear all the way but the moment I crossed the straits…boom, lightning struck and rain started falling. Ah, what a wonderful start isn’t it? Darn…

After a long queue at the Immigation, we were off to drop my things and then met up with my dearest pal at the shrine to commercialism, Orchard Road. PS and I walked around in awe of the massive street d├ęcor while trying to locate our other friends, CS & WM (otherwise known collectively as the Running Guys).

The Running Guys were hanging around the same area waiting for the late girls (us) while people-watching. I think it was a fruitful season for them as many people (i.e. girls) were in minimal amount of clothing due to the hot weather (it stopped raining for a while but since when does a few drops of water comes in between girls and fashion?)

We spent the whole afternoon and evening alternating between filling our stomach with a lot of drinks and walking around the city centre. Of course we stopped by the Esplanade to view the beautiful roof and the marina bay area which was packed with cranes and construction set. Yup, the Merlion was surrounded by machinery in preparation for the upcoming casino in town, thus we weren’t that interested in staying along (other than the fact that we were totally famished again) Time for carbo-loading before the race!

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