Sunday, December 21, 2008

Island getaway 2

The moment I typed fish spa in google, I found that there are actually more blogsites with post on fish spa rather than the actual description of the spa itself. I wonder what makes people pay good money for animals to suck, erm, I mean nibble, erm, I mean, peck parts of their body in public. Lotsa people in Malaysia and Singapore seems to eagerly and joyously experience this thingy at least once.

So it came as a surprise to myself as I willingly surrendered one of the most ticklish part of my body to Dr Fish (not a colleague of mine), also known as Garra Rufa fish that hails from Turkey. I mean, if Dr Fish is a hot bloke from Turkey, I think I will be much more obliging to the 'mini-torture session' but I convinced myself that once I parted with the cash, I know I will go through it no matter what..die, die must try.

By the way, judging at how hairy these pair of legs were, they are definitely not mine. Anyway, the Kenko Fish Spa @ Gurney Plaza was a cool place with plenty of customers waiting to feed the fish. In the natural biological world, there are many for example, the female praying mantis apparently kill the male praying mantis during or before sex and so on. In Turkey, they discovered that the Garra Fura fish loves feeding on dead skin and so they become the new form of 'in' thing in the fickle world of beauty wor.

Firstly, we start with the warm up pool at the entrance. The fish here are smaller, thus milder in their feeding habits. They served as a warm-up tool for us in order to endure the 30 mins of tickling. After all, we want to indulge in the 'skin-smoothening' pool, i.e. the real deal asap.

Some people, like my lovely friend, here are more ticklish than others and she nearly died from laughters. Literally. In fact, she was laughing so much that she induced the three of us, not-so-ticklish people to laugh as well. I personally find that this place is pretty therapeutic to the emotional self as people destress a lot when they laugh..and releases a lot of happy endorphins into their bloodstream, thus feeling a rush of happy emotions.

Have someone forgotten the joke? You can see people happily chatting, drinking tea, reading newspapers and cheating (yes, PS, we can see you lifting your feet away from the pool)...

Then we graduated to the big-fish pool..the ones with the biggest fish that proves to be most efficient and exfoliative. This one PS gave a miss so that she didn't get diaphragmatic cramps. Yeah, apparently non-stop laughter can give u that. At least, Michelle, Sany and I managed to keep the laughters down and continued with the therapy.

Anyhow, this is how we began and ended the fish spa experience. Cleaning up the calves and feet. Hhhmm...I wonder if any of us will be up for a full-body experience eh? Definitely not PS!

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