Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lofty dreams ahead or realistic goals?

As 31st Dec draws nearer, most people will begin to think about their new year’s resolution. I have to admit that some of my previous 'wishful' resolutions revolved around falling in love properly, having cute kids, building a stable and successful career and becoming financially-free by 35 year-old. Very tame and soppy isn’t it?

Well, judging from what’s been happening year in and year out, I’ve decided to ditch all my previous resolutions out the window and revamped my entire wish list.

Here goes my proper resolution for 2009 (and what the heck, maybe the entire decade!). For the first time in my life, I could actually, possibly achieve some of it.

1. Run a half-marathon by mid-year without stopping and within decent time

2. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro within 2-3 years and then to Everest Base Camp

3. Become a surgeon (and probably a world-famous one not long after that)

4. Live as a missionary doctor in somewhere amazingly obscure

5. Stop procrastinating (and I am serious about it)

6. Take absolutely stunning photographs with my own dslr camera

7. Be less bossy AND definitely less of a perfectionist (hey, I’m still a nice person)

8. Travel around the world on a back-pack and my saxophone

9.Take good care of my parents and siblings (life-time goal actually)

10. Produce, write and sing/play on my own album (preferably jazz-themed)

So, all the best in your new year resolutions!


Anonymous said...

awesome pose....almost mistaken as Vanessa can be a good musician too...


well..should start training now for your half marathon.Can run the KLIM in June 2009.cheers!