Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Near-death Experience Part 1

I thought I would lose my life yesterday in a car accident. I thought I wouldn’t be walking the face of earth and see the people I love and care about. Why?

Around 7.30 am on Monday morning, as I was driving back towards Diamond Cove, I over-steered on a bend on a slippery road (rained the whole night before) and before I knew what happened, I lost control of the car. My steering wheel started spinning on its own and my brakes didn't work.

This is the first time I experienced hydro-planing, the sensation of skidding and swerving without any control on puddles of water on an old, trunk road lined with a thin layer of water. I wasn’t going very fast by Malaysian standards but my little Myvi is probably too light for stability and thus I started spinning and the no matter how I tried to control the steering wheel, nothing seemed to work.

My mind went numb and I was in a shock. A few milliseconds later, my car hit the banks of the road and went into a ditch lined with soft grass. I thought the grass cushioned the impact and preserved me from further damage. I landed side-ways and was hanging in my seat with the left side of the car smashed in and all the side mirrors smashed.

My only thought at that time was that I must get out from the car. Trapped on all four sides, I tried the switches and the mirror actually rolled down. I switched off the engine and as passersby approached, they helped pulled me out of the wreckage.

I turned back and gasped at how my car looked. I could see the entire undercarriage as it landed partially on the roof. Some of the kind people helped to right the car so that I could take my things out as I called my friends for help. Some folks actually recognized me from the hospital as many people stopped by, some to offer good advice while others to take photographs of the incident and even of me shuddering by the roadside.

To be continued….


koolgeek said...

glad you are ok.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are ok.....time to change your tires.