Friday, October 10, 2008

Patience is a virtue

There are some people born with infinite patience while there are many others like me, trying to be patient. To me, trying to wait for things to happen by themselves and unfolding in their own time is harder than watching paint dry on the wall. Extremely excruciating...a downright torture but I'm slowly realizing some things in life.

Cultivating a good temper and gentle disposition involves a lot of prayer and self-discipline. If possible, as human we would like to indulge our own whims and wants. Instead, the best and most influential people in history choose to forget themselves and influenced people greatly because of a few distinguishing features. One of them is the ability to think of others first before themselves..some like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, etc even choose to think of their people, or an entire nation and no longer care about their own freedom or well-being.

If I'd indulge in my own self-pity party and keep on blaming 'bad' people for 'bad' situations, I'll never learn from my mistakes and I shall never move on. In fact, I'll be ineffective and uninspiring..totally lacklustre and devoid of life or hope. I will no longer be a leader and a role model like how I aspire to be.

Therefore, I've decided to move on and learn to live in abundance in spite of annus horribilis. I shall look upon the Saviour and draw strength and joy from this everlasting spring. In fact, each day in the previous week was productive, exciting and colourful...bringing me so much of cheerful and interesting activities that I no longer feel ineffectual and indifferent in a small town. We're making baby steps in transforming the health, minds and hearts of the people in D.C. As I'm firing myself on all cylinders, I'm sure there are more fireworks amidst the obstacles to come. Bring it on, baby!

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koolgeek said...

rest assured it shall be brought upon