Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chilling out alas

What's more relaxing than staring at crystal-clear flowing stream amidst soothing green tropical trees and pure, fresh air all filled without any pollutants from human?

Chilling out at home!! The last time I could truly chill out at home in KL is like 3 months ago. I miss my bedroom, computer, Internet and little bro so much and now I can finally see all of them J Hanging out at my favourite neighbourhood mall, KLCC and having drinks with my gal-pal while people-watching..these are just some of my typical weekend activity once back in the metropolis.

The good thing about home is the easy accessibility to LRT station, meaning I don’t have to drive everywhere in town. I’m someone who goes all out to avoid traffic jams and it always seem that the Friday jams in town are the worse. I wish that we have better mass transit system in KL but we have yet to see any start to contruction of the new lines. Sigh..

Of course, my short respite from a small town is usually for only 3 to 4 days but at least I’ve satisfied my cravings for city life for a while. So, I’m looking forward to my next break as I work hard and play even harder. Hasta-lavista….

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