Monday, October 6, 2008

Annus horribilis

Queen Elizabeth declared in 1 decade ago that she had an annus horribilis. I think I have no choice but to declare that 2008 is my annus horribilis, the year that everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I don't want to go on further as I'm usually an optimistic non-complainer but I am so upset because one of my most important piece of belonging was stolen from my house while I was working..and my house is in the hospital compound!

The loss of the item is incomparable to the amount of work I have stored in it. IMHO, intellectual property is much more costlier than a depreciated item. The most important lesson that I learnt is that we must always back-up all our data every single week.

Anyhow, this event only reminded me that people (security guards) who are supposed to do their job aren't performing their duties and that some burglars are so cruel because they take the only thing that is important to me as a working doctor who is serving the people.

Therefore, I'm pushed even further into my impending move out of Malaysia as I have lost all hope in the state of affairs in this country. Until I regain my hope and optimism, I think I'll be quite depressed for a while...

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