Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Malaysia..truly Asia?

The moment I pressed the button ‘publish post’ on my blogger site in my previous post, I know that I will be triggering an interesting floodgate of discussions and comments. After all, my ideas are a bit out-dated and seriously, people might mistake me for a religious bigot who likes to hide in a cave somewhere and meditate all day long or I am currently a scary old maid terrorizing medical students as a senior, unmarried lecturer in a medical school somewhere in Malaysia.

Actually, I’d like to state that I’m as open-minded and liberal as far as a normal educated Malaysian-Chinese can be. In fact, I have lost count of the number of friends I have who come from different cultural, religious and educational background. The advantage of our society and educational system include a very open tolerance to people from different races and culture. Somehow, as time goes by, people begin to forget that Malaysia is truly Asia.

Each of us develop our own system of thinking and comparative moral values depending on our upbringing and life events. Sometimes, I read up on human behaviour and psychology just to understand what makes human ticks. Just like how a child will dismantle a functioning toy car to see what makes it goes round, I was curious enough to hoard some books totally unrelated to my current practice.

There are different kinds of love languages and even single people do exhibit their love to various people in their lives. Sometimes, we love our friends through actions/service or at times, through concern or others through words. These expressions of love to friends are inherently different from a person who is our life partner. A lot of people accept someone who is very different from them because they see their future in the eyes of the person they are devoted to. In fact, some people used to say that opposites attracts. Yet two people who differ too much might be sowing a lot of discord and disharmony in their lives. Ultimately, it’s the balance of similarities and differences that make each couple so unique in their love.

Certain principles and values in lives are not blanket statements that apply to everyone. We should respect human individuality and freedom to express our opinions. When we are not willing to accept or understand other ideas, that’s when the rule of iron fist comes in. The blogging culture is the epitome of this freedom of expression and this is why I’m fast becoming an ardent follower of many blogs and let my writing style grow as I exposed myself to the variety of blogs and articles found online.

As I continue this discourse on love, freedom of speech and the world of blogging, I begin to understand human psychology. Marslow’s Hierarchy of needs, a famous pyramid begins to pop into my mind...

To be continued…

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Anonymous said...

the idea is not to take things to seriously, except your own personal life and your work.

blogosphere is one globe of internetworked interaction of minds.

of course there are differences and arguments, but that doesn't mean you must change who you are.

take it with a sense of humor.

nobody's a bigot here. that's probably also because everybody's one.