Thursday, October 2, 2008

My normal evening activities

This is my route for dinner @ the Glutton Square..passing by the leaning tower almost daily. The Glutton square is the biggest hawker centre in this town but the quality of food is debatable...sigh.. Yet we could be seen at that place after skating as this centre is the nearest to the 'Speedy Circuit'.

Ah, talking about the Speedy Circuit. My love for the moment involves 4 wheels beneath each of my foot and speeding around a fast circuit. My K2 Kinetic 10.0 skates are a good bargain and gives a very smooth glide around the circular path. It's also very stable and easy to learn stunts on it. Not to say that I'm daring enough to try stunts right? (wink, wink)

A circuit almost custom-made for roller-blades here in D.C..hardly any people jogging around us and just a lone biker practising his stunts while people like me wheeze past them.

This is how I wear my r-blades. We are supposed to wear protective gears, including knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads and a helmet.

More stories on rollerblade coming up next...

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fibrate said...

It looks like there's a Glutton Square in every town. There's one right here in Seremban where I work! :)