Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yearning for the 'gastronomic team'

I think its the season for me to resume blogging about food. The last time I talked about makan was during Christmas before everything went serious, contemplative and slightly morose this month.

However, the limiting factor in my food-blog experience is finding the right gang of people to go eat with. You know, a group of foodies that I can call up anytime. I guess it's difficult here because everyone is staying so far apart from each other and most of us are stuck at work until way past dinner-time. So different from tiny Ipoh hor?

Moreover, I feel that without a car, I'm stuck with bus No. 11. Thus this 'adventurous' eater is now resorting to places I could reach easily, i.e good accessibility. Suddenly, I miss my silver Myvi zooming in and out of traffic and the ease of picking up my friends from their homes for dinner. Having to deal with logistics everyday is not-so-fun, you see.

In the meantime, I'm still looking out for the G-team members in the Singapore chapter :-) So until the time I could go explore more gastronomical wonders, I think I'll have to stick to eateries around my little HDB habitat lor

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