Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eventful week and a peaceful spot

Today sort of wrapped up an eventful week that started from last Wednesday. Surprise, surprise...a week seem to start on a mid-weekday for me as events seemed to happen in fast forward mode.

First the interview that fared so differently from my expectations. Then, new outlook and plans for the entire year as I shape up for the 'battle' ahead. Shortly after that, my church became the first church in Malaysia to be intentionally torched down. Our blood, sweat and tears really went up in flames, due to some Molotov cocktail and evil, devilish intent.

1 day after that, for the first time ever, I fell down while running.

Yup, the ever careful girl who always run with caution (yeah, i know, i'm slow) decided to wear specs while running. Being blessed with the typical 'Oriental' nose, my specs tend to slide down on my lack-of-a-nasal-bridge, especially when I was perspiring. So guess what? I mis-stepped, couldn't see properly, tripped on a tile on the uneven ground and fell in motion. Of course I protected my face and head! As a result, suffered some abrasions to limbs and ego bruising, but that's about it :-) I think I'll stick to running in the gym for now until I get stronger again.

Nevertheless, I was so busy that I didn't tend to any of my injuries. Instead, I end up staying in the hospital for a few nights in a row as there were trauma cases at night to attend to and I was oncall in between. Setting up temporarily in my window-less room, the days and nights merged into one and I felt almost institutionalized. Thank God that yesterday I found a very peaceful, shady corner in the hospital that I could get some fresh air while reading. It was by a koi fish pond, complete with sound of trickling water, lotsa green plants and cooling breeze. I think I shall upload picture of my 'secret reading spot' the next post and let u guys decide whether I should find a better hang-out place. In the meantime, let me indulge in the 'luxury' of my own bed and desk for the first time this week....

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