Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Prayer for my beloved church, Metro Tabernacle

Lord, today I pray for my church and for the people of Malaysia. It was a dark day when a church, my church was burnt down but surely hope and love will prevail. Although forgiveness is difficult, we sought with all our heart that justice be done peacefully and with love and grace. We forgive those who trespasses against us. Abba, Father, we know not why this is happening to your people but I know surely, there is a reason for this season of never-before-seen challenges.

Most importantly, we know that our earthly belongings and our church structure is just an external shell. A church is made out of people, not a physical building. Although our physical structure is destroyed, our spirit, love and sense of community-giving and Christian love shall never cease.

Lord God, we are thankful that our Senior Pastor, associate pastors and their families are safe and protected by your grace. I am thankful and grateful that the attacks didn't happen during daytime when my family (brother and father) and my sisters and brothers-in-Christ are in church attending worship service. Surely, if it happens on a usual Sunday, many would have perished in the fire as the only exit from the main halls were on the ground floor where the firebombs were thrown in.

Lord, although I am ashamed of the government and the lacklustre investigations into the root cause of the issue, I know that one day, strong, moral leadership with bright intelligent leaders will come back and bring about a renaissance to the state of affairs of Malaysia. The current state of governance is sadly below par and abysmal. We need better explanations and swift, fair actions against the perpetrators and a good solution to a problem started by the Home Ministry a few years ago.

Dear Jesus, there is hatred and violence being stirred up in the minority. These are the same minority who holds the potential of great infamy. These are 'people' who belongs to fanatic, emotional and easily-swayed category of semi-human. I call these semi-human,as they are driven by personal anger, irrationality and lack of self-control. Violence begets more violence. Destruction reaps eternal damnation. I know that we, your children in the light, shall not resort to hate and destruction but will pray for those who persecutes us..exactly like how the Lord Jesus loved his executors.

In the end, I pray for my church and the body of be an example of love, peace, tolerance and to stand for all that is good in this world. The forces of good shall prevail over evil! Amen.

P.S: Do check out my senior pastor's reply to the current events on

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shelbybaby said...

sorry to hear about your church lynette. also on the advance training issue. but now the only way is up. happy new year babydoll!