Sunday, January 24, 2010

Carnivorous creatures sighted in PS cafe

If you happen to walk down Orchard Road on any given day, the last thing you would expect is a quiet restaurant with few people and hardly any signs of traffic. Of course, some might suggest that we could go explore the Dempsey area (which is near the Orchard area). I concur that Dempsey is indeed hip, secluded and gentle on the soul but that’s an easy answer and I shall blog about that area on another day. This time round, the focus is on PS cafe @ OR, as I’ve found another place which is smack in the middle of Orchard Road by a chance coincidence and it was truly a hidden gem.

Saturday after worship service is usually the night for elaborate dinners with some serious social networking in mind. However, the usual suspects are not around, i.e. most of my gang seem to be M.I.A except for my big sis, M. So we set off from Paya Lebar in search of good food in Singapore.

Initially, M and I had this serious craving for ribs (errr, the non-halal type). I’ve always wanted to try Tony Roma’s on this island and thus, off to Orchard Road we go. However, the moment we arrived…this hugely popular eatery was jam-packed with homo sapiens.

Urgh! Hungry…famished…can’t wait..and I don’t wanna be a sardine. Then M had a bright idea…she suggested this place tucked in a corner of a posh mall called Palais Renaissance. It’s a place where all the rich (and presumably, slightly desperate) housewives do their monthly shopping in branded goods. I was only interested in food (and the possible sightings of cougars are entirely incidental although highly-anticipated!)

The ambience was superb and almost cinematic. There is soothing classical music being piped in as we ordered our food, almost as if it we were in a movie. I was half-expecting some glamourous Hollywood actresses of the 1920s and 1930s walking in amidst the rattan chairs and white furniture. The crowd is strangely young, with bountiful displays of youthful long legs and plunging necklines. Being in jeans and my usual shopping top, I felt slightly underdressed but it’s good to be low-profile once in a while.

Being hungry and carnivorous, we ordered the porcine wonder that we craved for. As I'm always so mindful of our bowel ‘well-being’, we soothed our conscience with a big helping of Caesar’s salad and the signature chicken soup.

Firstly, service was prompt and top-notch. When the salad arrived, I haven’t even finish reading the first page of Sunday Times. I loved the Caesar’s salad. The croutons were bursting with onion/garlic-mixed goodness and the bacon bits were crunchy and fresh. There were huge chunks of cheese scattered liberally on juicy, sweet lettuce.

Even the soup was gratifying and yummy. It was lovingly made with robust chicken broth, free from MSG with generous pieces of chicken and cute alphabet pasta in it.

When it came to the main course, I was quite pleased with the ribs, with meat succulent and literally melting off the ribs. I think the portion was just nice although M feels that it could be bigger (after all, most of us are accustomed to Tony Roma’s giant ribs but that is frank gluttony and we shall not fall into deadly, calories-laden temptations!)

After this long, leisurely dinner, I decided that this is definitely one of my top ten list of 'Places that I’ll visit again in Singapore', especially on special occasions. The drawback is of course the cost, about $30-40 per person but I think the meal was scrumptious and the ambience superb. Guess it's really, really for that 'special' occasion once in a blue moon lor.

By the way, I’m not pleased with how the pictures turned out. It was captured on my phone. I still have not found my camera charger. Darn…I think it’s gathering cobwebs in another country!

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