Monday, May 31, 2010

Sundown 2010 - My Diary

Adidas Sundown 2010…what an experience! The first race I registered for I DIDN’T run even though I was at the arena. I was sort of hyped up for it thinking that I could actually run half the race before hitch-hiking an ambulance back.

6.45pm: Until I was stuck in this everlasting queue. For 2 solid hours. I was eating Superdog while waiting, eavesdropping on people’s conversation while day turned into night and still the line was moving very slowly.

My dinner before the 'race'

8pm: There were rumours that the roads are already closed. As I was near the front of the line, I sort of persevered and waited for the bus.

The queue started when it was daytime

815pm: Then I heard loud arguments at the front. Some runners were persuading the bus drivers to continue. Apparently, the drivers needed a break because they were driving since 430pm. That concept is new to me because I have always carried on working for my patients even if I don’t have a break. I have worked 12 solid hours without a break, with maybe a small bun in between. It’s a total lack of efficiency with a twinge of incompetency. Logistics must be horrible for the organizer but I am frankly surprised at the breakdown in organization this year. Last year, I got the bus after 10 mins wait so this is a real surprise.

The race that a lot of people didn't make it to

830pm: Someone pleaded with them and finally the deadlock was broken. They will drive the last 2 buses to the place and drop us 3km from the circuit and 7km from the starting point. We all agreed, although it was almost 15 minutes to the starting time. Better late than ever…

Look, ma, I'm doing the Singaporean National Hobby: Queuing up

855pm: On the way, I realized that I was still in my jeans. My racing attire was in my friend’s car. Had to strategize and pick up my things, followed by a quick change and probably starting the race. It began to seem really impossible. I asked my friend SC to quickly start his race. Regretted not taking the day off…shouldn’t have taken the shift at A & E. If I followed PS and SC to the arena @ 5pm…sigh…

Day turned into night: Watching my life go by in technicolour

915pm: Got down the bus and began to walk/run in my jeans and handbag. Realized I look quite ridiculous so decided to walk. Began to see the racing route after a while and saw the leading runners. Had a twinge of envy at their speed.

The first few batch of 21km runner zooming past as I make my way

930pm: Nearing the starting line. No more runners seen. The route is completely deserted. Only us, the latecomers from the bus stand @ Pasir Ris MRT seem to be trudging our way to the Changi Exhibition Centre. A beautiful and quiet night with the full moon in sight.

The first turning point and the last batch of runners before emptiness came

945pm: Reached the starting point and changed so that it’s not so hot. Had a bit of chest pain but completely ruled out running. Sat down and watched the ‘Spirit of the Marathon’ What a cool show!

emptiness, except the group of us latecomers

1015pm: The first runner crossed the finishing line in terrific form.

11-ish: SC came back and we waited for PS. And waited and waited.

Movie under the stars

12-ish: BC arrived. And waited.

1-ish: Decided to call Mohan. To our surprise, PS and him have completed the first loop more than 1 hour ago and is 9km passed the starting point. We hopped on the car and chased after them. The Amazing Race has begun. Man, that girl is fast!!

2-ish: Reached ECP. Walked into McD looking for my ultramarathoner friend. She is not there. Called Mohan again. He said she is approaching Fort Road. Jumped into the car and went ahead to Carls’ Junior.

Marathoners waiting for the start @ midnight

3-ish: Waited in front of Carl’s Junior and handed Counterpain to runners. It was like a picnic with BC eating a huge burger in front of the runners. Chatted with the helpful volunteers and dished out medical advice to injured runners, although I have nothing to help them with. Saw the guy who ran the ultramarathon backward. He is amazing.

The 21km winner is approaching

330pm: Bumped into Mohan. He’s the life of the race. Completely woke everyone up with his honk. Still no sight of our friend.

The ultramarathon winner came by

345pm: Yay! PS passed by. She stopped and we handed her drinks. Forgot to take a pic of her. Haze is with her and they both looked good. Everyone is ecstatic. I am so proud of my buddy. She is looking good. I think I’ll win my bet. Haha…

4pm: Reached my bed. Went to deep sleep immediately

The place we had a 'picnic' while waiting

9am: Woke up to the sound of PS coming back. My victorious ultramarathoner friend is back. She looks happy but exhausted. Hurray! Confirmed I won a dinner..she did it in 13:44.

The guy who did it running backward
So, after this hour to hour analysis of my Saturday night and Sunday morning, what do you think of Sundown? I have a feeling that I’ll do the marathon eventually, but when will I be ready? A bit disappointed that the only run I did was the run to the starting line but the truth of the matter is, I wasn’t prepared anyway.

Ok, time to go shop for new running shoes and the compression tights. The GSS is on!


DeeJ said...

Hey Lynette, Deej here, PS' friend..
We waited for the bus from 6.10 and finally got on at 7.55..we were truly lucky I guess..
Sorry u missed it,but it was exciting catching after PS huh?

the cili padi doctor said...

Hey deej,

u r reali lucky to get to the venue on time. saw a newspaper article filled with comments, or rather, complaints about the race.

i guess it was just a difficult place to get to. i heard u were lining up for hours to go back in the morning isn't it?

yeah, it was exhilarating chasing after PS. we weren't sure where she was!! maybe we shud put a GPS on her next time!

thanx for dropping by my blog. cheers!!