Saturday, May 1, 2010

Back to work

Back to work, back to people seeing me with this toothy grin..posing with food and eating with gusto again. Busy and happy week for me as I walk around with minimal breathlessness and chest pain.

This is Japanese buffet & Raku, Greenwood avenue. I love their pitan/wasabi tofu as well as the sashimi, sushi, tempura, soup...everything kept on coming. Great meal with thanks to my bosses for bringing the whole team out!

Another farewell dinner at Penang Place, International Business Park situated in the western part of the island. The buffet was Malaysian food (or rather Penang food). I guess it was ok compared to the actual Penang food. At least the assam laksa was nice. The rojak was surprisingly good, too.

Most of these people will be going to another department. Kinda hope they enjoyed and learned from this posting. Turn-out was very encouraging..almost 40 of us there.

Never knew that waking up early is so tough! After 3 weeks of waking up without an alarm jarring me from my blissful sleep, I'm back to the productive work-force. Being the last week for most of my MOs & HOs also proved to be a fun, poignant week as we had a series of farewell lunches and dinners as described above. It's downright gluttony but augur well for my weight as I'm back to my usual weight, which a good sign according to my physician. CXR looks just the same so I'm not entirely pleased with myself but I'm already doing everything I could to get better. Ah well, let's just wait and see.

I ran after a bus yesterday and although was a bit breathless at the end of the sprint, it wasn't too bad. Of course it was a far cry from the days of 21km but I'm sure that the road to full recovery awaits

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