Saturday, May 8, 2010

Big event : DONE!

Phew! What a hot, tiring day…woke up early in the morning with a big mission in the horizon. It’s movin’ day. I’ve designated this day to be the day I’m changing habitat, thus I packed up all my earthly belongings, drenched in copious amount of sweat early in the morning while awaiting the time my reinforcement arrives.

My 'Entourage’ came in 2 pretty, petite packages : M & S. M even arrived in a skirt! She really impressed me & proved to me that we can never tell how much a person can carry until they actually prove it in real time. Of course, athletic-looking S can carry stuff but the sight of 3 of us ‘small’ girls chugging my things up and down Holland seem to be pretty amusing.

In the end, I gave up the struggle of going uphill with a various luggages, boxes and bags & hailed a cab. I cajoled two cabbies in driving a measly distance down the hill because I am a pathetic mover! Anyhow, the 3 of us made it across the within 1.5hours with all my belongings and I settled in happily. Never knew that 3 girls without a car can move so ‘efficiently’ and fast. Hopefully, I don’t have to move again because I am already beginning to hoard things. I went to IKEA right after the move and acquired more stuff again. What’s new right? Shopping is almost the national sport.

I know, I know…I already had meatballs yesterday but today I’m on fishie diet. I had the salmon (in case the ash cloud blow up again, better have salmon before they stop the next shipment!!) while the rest gorged on meatballs, pancakes and chicken wings.

Felt that I’ve accomplished much today despite not going in to work. I haven’t carried heavy stuff since I started coughing and this move involving strength and some tactical skills is another milestone in recovery. I mean, it’s great not to have any pain or shortness of breath at all. Awesome!!

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Adam said...

Well done. :)