Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sawadee-kaa @ Golden Mile

A friend, SC suggested Diandin Leluk for good Thai food. I was having high expectations and too bad, I think Pak Abu at good ol' 6th College in UM probably had the same standard of food (or even better). Maybe I was spoilt with the good Southern Thai food available at RM4 or 5 dollars there and so everything seem over-priced and below par in this place.

Anyhow, it’s still better than some run-of-the-mile, really expensive Thai food like Thai E---- found in high-end shopping complexes. This place is at least unpretentious with ok taste. The tom yum gong is spicy and packs a good kick but the mango kerabu salad sucks. Big time. Something is wrong with the salad. I don’t recommend it and will not take it next time.

The vege and meat with basil was good while pandan chicken was awesome. I don’t think anyone can go wrong with pandan chicken. So, I guess it was a 50-50 experience. The dessert, strangely to a non-dessert person like me, was actually uniquely good. In essence, the chicken and tom yam plus the dessert was good but the rest of the meal was forgettable.

So does this mean that we can’t really find authentic good food at a cheap price as a country attains developed status? In my 6 months experience of eating out thus far, I really think so. All the good food here seem to cost us at least $30 per person and to me, that’s like slitting our throat in broad daylight.

Maybe it’s unfair because I’m staying in the so-called ‘expatriates’ enclave but I really feel good food should be available at affordable prices everywhere. Trust me, I’ve been scouring websites like hungrygowhere, ieatishootipost, etc but again, the taste and price of the food suggested is not comparable to ordinary food I taste in KL, Ipoh or Penang.

The saving grace is that service is prompt and there are plenty of tables both inside and outside the restaurant. At least we don't have to wait around much and that's a good thing because there are lotsa places in town that we have to wait forever for food to arrive.

Note to self: Don’t have high expectations lor. Stop complaining because each one of us have unique ‘tastebuds’ and be grateful for the God-given food. Surely one day, I will be able to find yummy & cheap food in Singapore. One day.

By the way, my customary pose with food to wrap up today's extremely 'truthful' entry. Hope you guys luck in discovering more good food in Singapore and beyond...and please do drop me a line if you find a gem nearby. Ciao!

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