Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do I wanna go home? (Update on Day 5 post-discharge)

Yes & No. YES, because it's much more comfortable being at home but also NO, because there are a lot of buried skeletons in the closet back in KL (psss...I know I'm in the exact profession whereby I might have literally kept sets of skeleton for my Anatomy classes, but this is really just a metaphor). After years of inactivity and indifference, I've decided that I need to face the ghosts of the past. My recent illness released a new courage and energy in me, so much so that I'll bite the bullet and bravely do the right thing by next week.

Sometimes I wonder why writing is so therapeutic...because this is one gift that defies time, space & physical capabilities. Something written 2000 years ago can be relevant in today's post-modern age while something written yesterday can be so 'out'. Upon being inspired by a recent Pulitzer prize winner, I've finally decided to do some serious writing & concentrate upon a much bigger piece in the next few weeks, while continuing to churn out a blog article 2 to 3 times a week.

Yesterday I went back to the, no, I'm not mad, I didn't go to work (how I wish I could), but to run some errands. Even reviewed my own case and all the investigation results (ssshhh...don't tell my doctors k?) I discover that I really miss a productive, responsible adult life. I'm not destined to lounge about at home. I hardly can stand watching television/movie/youtube for long, therefore this entire MC thingy is getting slightly tedious & intolerable.

I wake up each morning when the sun is up (sharp at 645am) despite not setting any alarm clock. Sometimes, I am amazed at how we are such conditioned's like Pavlov's dog all over again. To me, staying at home attempting to rest is like watching paint dry. Annoyingly so. Thank God for the double Is : Internet & Iphone!

Along the process, I've gotten myself some financial education via the Internet and decided that the world of investing is very intriguing and inviting. Yet I know that this new 'interest' can be a double-edged can build or kill. Various thought processes whirled about in my mind as I muse on the possibilities of joining the bandwagon of financially-savvy investors.

Anyhow, think I'll need to garner more skills and emotional control before i could fully plunge in. Not only that, this period of time is possibly the only free time I'll have in this entire year, so I was wondering if I could really spare time in this arena. So, let's just wait & see for new development in the multi-faceted world of CPD!

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