Saturday, April 3, 2010

A brush with the Moghuls on the other side of the River...

Procrastination is the thief of time. Yeah, I know that. I was supposed to post this up before A left Singapore and guess what? She is already in the heart of Europe, enjoying chocolates and spring water and ski-slopes while I went home and came back to this island after a few days of recuperation in rainy KL.

Back to the Moghuls, recently found an interesting exhibition @ ACM. The nearest I’ve gotten to India…is not to the neighbouring Roti Prata shop. It’s my recent short trip to the Asian Civilization Museum with my dear German fren, A. We’ve decided to give the ACM a short visit and voila! It was free admission day.

I would say it was quite enjoyable for a museum. I mean, most of the stuff I’ve read before in my history books (Sejarah Tingkatan 1-5) but everything is ‘Klingon’ to A. Besides becoming a semi-interpreter, I acted as the museum guide-cum-activity manager for a bit.

Firstly, we saw the special exhibition on Moghul dynasty. The Moghul empire was once the richest empire in the East and held magnificent collections of jewels, lands, paintings, carpets, castles, fortresses etc. The displays depicted many jewelry made during the halcyon days of the empire and I was wondering whether these are actually replicas or real gems. I mean, there will surely be more armed guards around if these are real right?

Next, we took pictures with animals. Err, I mean, with an albino snake. We missed the picture-session with a pony (for the kids) but caught the snake in time. Not only that, there were nice sections on Chinese and Southeast Asian culture while the Singaporean Story was pretty cool too.

What’s even more fun was the free dancing showcase at the foyer. The dancers were very energetic and skillful as they twirled, tapped and swung about in almost 15 minutes of non-stop action.

The day ended with a free ice-cream courtesy of the museum and some photo-taking along the Singaporean River. Total cost: MRT fare of less than SGD2.00. Fun quotient: Not bad at all. Knowledge gained: Priceless. Would I come again: Yup, as soon as there is a new exhibition!
P.S: Japanese food @ Liang Court is really good. First, I tried Tam Po Po. Then I was at Botejyu. Both served really good food. Worth a try!

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