Saturday, March 27, 2010

Old soul, young heart : A blog created during Earth Hour 2010

Before I forget : Happy Earth Hour 2010! Just a short reminder that we're all part of planet Earth and let's do our part in making this world a happier, greener place :-)

Getting on to the blogging business. Ever wonder how I come up with my blog titles? It's usually during the funniest hours of the day, you know, when I am climbing the stairs to my humble abode, or while waiting for the MRT or while brushing my teeth. Inspiration comes from the unlikeliest places. Btw, this typing in the dark is very interesting and amusing, not to mention, very cooling too hehehe

The past few years in medicine has aged my soul a lot. Of course I'd like to think that I've remained as cute, young-looking and young-at-heart as ever (Forever 21 perhaps? hahaha) but the crux of the story is that...we've truly seen a lot as we deal with all types of human beings throughout our practice.

Abandonment of the elderly, neglect of babies and children, abuse, betrayal, depravity, tragedy, downright misfortune, hunger, extreme obesity, demanding and needy people, humour, pure joy, hope, gratitude...we are indeed bystanders and witnesses to the most pivotal moment of many lives. This year marks a decade in medicine for me (since I've entered medical school) and yet I've not lost the passion for this vocation. In fact, I love my job more and more each day, as time goes by. I look forward to work each morning for I count it an honour and blessing to directly influence the health and wellbeing of many people.

Of course there are times where I regret making certain decisions but I choose to stand by my conscience and maintain that I've always tried my best. I recognize that my best might not be enough in certain situations. At times, I needed help from somebody and I'm glad I did. This gladdens and humbles my heart, knowing that patient care is of my utmost priority.

Therefore I thank God that amidst all the good and bad, He is there shining His light upon my life. As Good Friday and Easter Sunday approaches, I was blessed with sermons on forgiveness and redemption, based on the festivals of Atonement and Passover. Redemption and restoration came in joyful, enlightening waves as I became more and more patient in understanding that ground-breaking events in my life will definitely unfold in miraculous timing. Along the way, I cross my fingers and pray that my type A personality is being melted away as I develop hitherto unknown character traits (patience, fortitude, moderation and gentleness).

So, even as my soul ages because of external circumstances, I know that continuous inner healing, flowing from the fountain of everlasting peace, will replenish this young heart. Have a good (and dark) night :-)

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