Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Apple craze rages on

I've been back in Sing for 2 weeks and it has been non-stop action. There is just no lack of activity in this place. Seriously, aside from one good restful Sunday, I've been clocking in on average 5-6 hours of sleep per day. Panda-eye syndrome aside, my current mantra is : when things hit rock bottom, the only way is up so boing, boing, boing....

Most importantly, I've made my biggest splurge this year, just 3 months into 2010. It's not like I'm a shopaholic right (wink, wink)...been justifying to myself that my previous phone is more than 3 year-old and in short, I succumbed to 'peer pressure'...yup, I've gotten myself an iPhone 3GS from the Singtel roadshow in my hospital. More facebooking, msn-ing, twitter-ing and blogging huh?

I can tell u that these Apple apps are truly addictive. I don't know what they put into those tiny, cutesy software programs but once we downloaded a few of the adorable games, we just crave for more. At least I'm still way too busy thus I don't reali spend hours nursing my favourite gadget. Yet.

The funniest thing is that I keep on telling myself that I need to run/jog/swim again but this whole month of February has been.....uh...uninspiring (sports-wise). I keep on promising myself that I MUST run (tomorrow), that the weather is too hot (today) and the books I've hoarded are way too tempting, literally begging me to read them (right now). Heatwave or not, life goes on so I SHALL find a way to run. Soon. Yeah.

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