Monday, February 22, 2010

I might have gotten a tan...

Now that CNY is almost over, I can declare to myself that this is possibly the hottest CNY in living memory, all thanks to el Nino and the Pacific Ocean and global warming et al. Hiding indoors or in shopping mall (with air-cond on full-blasting mode) seem to be no respite from the sun. Glad I didn't get a heatstroke!

Instead, I think I've gotten a tan but not in California (how i wish!!). No beach in sight. The closest I got to Malibu/San Francisco/LA was California Pizza Kitchen, fondly known as CPK. With no car and the hot tropical sun beating down relentlessly upon me as I flail about KL with the LRT, my two good legs and occassional car services, I think I've enough sun exposure to last me the next 1 month. It's not like I go home to be a hermit right? So, off we go to visit people and gain some cookies-induced weight, la la la

Back to the actual story, I was in CPK for an important event...I know, eating is always important to all Malaysians (in fact, I feel that we create events/festivals/birthdays/anniversaries just so we can have a good pig-out sometimes!) but it was really, sincerely a family event.
First off, salad. Waldorf classical apple and walnut salad. Lifted me up and made me feel so happy and slim, ready to conquer the next few dish with gusto. I mean, they really put good stuff in this salad. Not to be missed..esp if you like balsamic vinaigrette.

Next, came the Jamaican Jerk pizza. It's not meant to be disrespectful k? I mean, the jerk is really from Jamaica. Get it? Apparently, the chicken is jerked (a somehow-Caribbean cooking style but ended up in a pizza joint) and this creation was awesome. The sweet tangy chicken, savoury slabs of turkey bacon mixed with thicky gooey Mozarella cheese almost made me swoon in joy. Don't forget a thick blanket of Parmesan cheese and chilli flakes for that extra ooomph. The rest of the menu featured a good mix of quintessential Italian pizzas with funny quirky toppings that will guarantee repeated patronage. Not bad for my almost-neighbourhood mall, huh? The 'almost-neighbourhood' mall that was once-upon-a-time the tallest building in the world.

The reason why I took two pics of the next dish was that I think I fell in love with the mushroom ravioli. The cream sauce was just the right blend of heady, rich cream and spices. My bro (clearly more food-savvy than me) ordered extra helpings of mushroom and I agreed that it made a biigggg difference. Each package was stuffed with more mushrooms and other 'unmentionables'...I think maybe some chicken meat and spices perhaps? More funghi for me, anytime!

IMHO, the entire meal was quite reasonable...around RM40 per person. I mean, the place being so strategic and easily assessible (transportation will probably cost like RM2 on the LRT) would also mean that some people do have meals here on a weekly basis and so it's not a big hoo-hah right? Wrong! After all, I've been living in the vicinity for ages (ok la, 20 years) and this is my 2nd or 3rd time here. So people do go long-sighted sometimes...

My 'lucrative' trip (also known as the CNY-delayed-gratification trip) also involves a lot of other awesome meals...and I cannot possibly describe it all. I guess the chronicles of the crispy ducks, assorted balls, springy chicken and so on will have to wait another day as I flew back to the bustling cosmopolis armed with a new running aid (which I intend to use tomorrow). Can't wait to test drive my new gadget :-P

Anyway, my lively weekend jaunt has officially ended as I'm now back in Sin City, oops, I mean Sing City for more food-, sports- and fun-related adventures. Till the next edition from the CPD, please save up some Mandarin oranges for me k? I think I might need to join the orange-throwing ceremony thingy in 5 days' time...see you by the River! Hehehe....

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