Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chronicles of a migrant worker on New Year

I knew that Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year coincided with Valentine’s Day this year. Somehow, subconsciously, that didn’t register in my mind until the day came and I was on my way to work. WTF (pardon my French)…I’m working on a double public holiday. How depressive, right?

Actually, it was a good on-call day for me. One of the only few times that I didn’t go in OT at all. Somehow, I have to confess that I was still nursing a big GD headache and dizziness that I attributed and strongly blamed the Bacardi for. I think it was God’s way of telling me : I’m not made for heavy-duty ethanol intake.

I mean, the Friday night before was total mayhem. You know, the last night in Vegas kinda craziness. We danced the whole night away while being sloshed (although I have to admit I was sleepy half the time). The consequence was a whole day of tiredness, sleepiness and lethargy.

When I went for reunion dinner, I was still a bit dizzy and unsociable. I felt quite bad for not being able to chit-chat with M’s parentals but what’s a girl gotta do when her head is doing an Apache helicopter tribute. I was really glad I could at least eat something. Of course, I felt like pinching myself silly for not able to enjoy the absolutely scrumptious spread in front of me. Yee sang, sushi, steamboat, soft tender meat, wonderful soup…it was all so tantalizing to my stunned taste buds. Sigh....

Then, on Sunday, it hit me. I’m actually working on Chi-Vas (Chinese New Year-Valentines) day. Although it wasn’t very busy, I was not up to 100% super-hyperactive, crazy can-do-everything surgical registrar self. Instead, I was sluggish, lost appetite and hid in my room most of the time. Chi-vas day came and went with just one trauma case and no admissions to the surgical ward. A new record perhaps?

I thank God that on Monday, I left the hospital in one sober piece, although still in deep regrets over my excess consumption of you-know-what and the annoying minor dizziness. I slept through most of Monday, again wondering when am I gonna get my cerebellar functions back.

It was only today that I’m back to around 95% of my normal self. I could eat as usual and spent more time sitting than lying flat. In fact, I strongly suspect that my prolonged recovery is a combination of physical and psychosomatic manifestation.

I have to admit that I may be slightly depressed over the recent events in my life. Career challenges, being away from home for the festive season, relationship issues (or rather, the lack of it) and adjusting to a new way of life has taken a toll on my fast-forwarded life. I guess I need to hit the pause button and really rejuvenate in somewhere pretty and isolated with just me, myself, a backpack and a book. Any suggestions, please do email me k?

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