Thursday, February 11, 2010

And when you are serious about ice-cream....

I remember the days when the only ice-cream that you could find were the 20 cents ais-krim potong. If you are really lucky during your birthdays and special events, we may get the 1 dollar Cornetto cone. Nowadays, the making and selling of ice-cream, gelato, frozen yoghurt, icy dessert, etc is a huge multi-million industry, found all across the globe, in many different guise and size.

Actually, this is a confession of how I succumbed to the delightful goodies found not far from my humble home in a popular expatriate enclave. On one fateful day, a group of girls had dinner near my house and decided that something seemed incomplete without some dessert to end a good meal. Our makan radar picked up good signals from a place called Cold Rock and we quickly head to this 'creamery'. I am still wondering about the history of this shop as I ask this question : why is this called a creamery when there are no cows or grass in sight?

If you have been following this blog (thank you for being such faithful 'follower', you are really one in a million), you would have noticed that I've always been a non-dessert person. However, the ice-cream here is really sinfully good.

I guess it all boils down to choosing the right flavour, ahem, ahem. The cheesecake and fruit yoghurt combination caught my fancy and I added some blueberries in it. The verdict: I enjoyed the end product tremendously.

Basically, there are many stores selling similar ice-cream all across Singapore. However, I feel that besides marvelous cream, this shop is one of the best around.

I like it when they put fruits in the ice-cream and keep them in bigger pieces. Not only that, the mixture of savoury cheesecake, mixed with sweetish yoghurt and the sharp tang of blueberries perfectly balanced out the flavours.

An additional fun factor: we can thoroughly indulge ourselves with fully loaded carbs like candies, marshmallows, mints, chocolates by adding these stuff in our final product.

So how do I feel after a session at Cold Rock? It trully rocks!

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Puisan said...

I LOVE Coldrock!!!
I put on 1kg from eating it 2 consecutive days when I was in Melbourne!
Thankfully this trip I forbade myself from going there!!
Please DO NOT bring me to Coldrock when I come to Singapore....until after the race!!!!