Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A different season altogether

There is always a first time for everything. First day of school, first day of exams back in Primary 1, first time wearing a skirt, first kiss, etc, etc. Last week was my first week working in 2 departments simultaneously and you could say that I feel strangely 'schizoid'. It's like having 2 personalities in the same person....on one hand, I am an A & E MO and on the other hand, I am a GS registrar.

Looking back, it's not that tough...just very delicate and intricate, like Queen Anne's lace. Being in this really efficient country and hospital really helps the process, because we can arrange my multiple rosters way ahead thus minimalizing my pain. Not only that, the A&E people have this cool software that arrange doctors' roster the fairest and most random way possible, thus no one will complain against a statistically proven program. Feels so high-tech huh?

The problem is that I cannot do my regular work-outs because my schedule is so packed, I felt as if I am wearing Scarlet O'Hara's 18inch-corset all the time (not that I can fit into it!). On one hand, I'm still gobbling up my meals regularly but the strange thing is this intermittent, mild fatigue that I'm not used to. Each time people ask me how am I...I'm still feeling this baseline tiredness (not in-sync with my character at all, right?) I guess I have to watch out for signs of burning out....

That's why I am looking forward to a weekend of pure sleep and chilling out at home, something that's so simple, yet so elusive for the past 1 month. I still have 12 more days to go before I can go vege out. Anyhow, this CNY is gonna be the most unique CNY celebration in my life as for the first time ever, I am spending it away from KL and my nuclear family. In fact, day 1 will be spent in the hospital while most shops will be closed; so praying that I will get good supply of food throughout the entire season! So, if any of you are dropping by hospitals during this season, please remember to feed the doctors, nurses and healthcare staff k?

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