Sunday, June 6, 2010

A day without plans & some shots of gluttony @ Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill

Sunday..I've gotten myself a Sunday off! It's been months since I've gotten a blissful Sunday off. Now, what have I done so far? Woke up early to cloudy skies, ran to the bus stop before the rain started and caught a bus to Trinity, worshipped the Lord with gusto in church, listened to an impactful sermon, ran in the gushing torrents of tropical downpour while waiting for a cab to come, cleaned up my room and watered my plants while contemplating what to do with the rest of my day.

I guess I can indulge in a bit of blogging while waiting for inspiration..I searched through my folders of pictures and somethings clicked. Aha, I'll talk about American food. A few Sundays ago I went to this joint for a friend's early birthday lunch and had a carnivorous feast. I mean, the menu @ Dan Ryan's Grill even mentioned : WARNING, WE SERVE AMERICAN PORTIONS! Pwoaaah, a bit scared d....

Thus I almost panicked. I mean, I am a small eater (and picky) who likes to try out new places but I cannot handle big portions. I meant to share my food but ended ordering half a rack of ribs for myself due to some 'encouragements' from the friendly staff and my ever-motivating friends. Friends through 'thick and thin' huh?

The meat was preceded by the Clam chowder soup which was extremely thick, creamy and packed with clams. Definitely worth the price of the Mother's Day set although I know I was filling up half my stomach's capacity by then.

While waiting for my main course, AT's steak came and it was huge. Quite juicy too. I stole a bit of it and decided that it's really scrumptious.

Then M got a big shock. This gargantuan platter of breakfast goodies came and we all gaped. I knew for sure that she ain't gonna finish this generous portion of pancakes, toast, eggs, sausages, bacons and ham.

Then my ribs came and it was as expected. Big, but something that I can handle if I'm allowed to 'donate' part of it to someone else. A very satisfying meal but made me realized that I am overdoing the road to recovery and one of my friends remarked that I looked like I have put on weight.
Shucks, this small frame is really unforgiving. It's so obvious even if I put on a mere 0.5 to 1 kg. Time to cut down on the eating (maybe part of the blame goes to the ice-cream fiesta during the Sundown weekend) and run like mad. Can't wait to start my 2-months training program, beginning from tomorrow. Armed with new funky Zoot shoes, I hope I'll be disciplined enough to stick to the program!!

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