Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wheels and Meals

As far as weekends go, this weekend seem to be one of the most productive and satisfactory. It’s not like I ran a significant amount (running program hit a snag, but I’m sure I’ll catch up next week, errr, hopefully) but I’ve gotten very well-fed and had a fair amount of exertion, sunshine and Vitamin D. All for the sake of preventing osteoporosis!

Friday night was a quiet night compared to the majority of people around the world. I got home from a tiring shift and switched on the telly to the blaring sound of the vuvuzela. With the eyes of the whole world focused on 22 adult men kicking a ball around, I was cleaning up my room, reading my long-neglected books, ironing my clothes, etc to the hypnotic sound of the commentator droning on and on about the game. At least there were 2 goals scored that match, but I am rather glad that I didn’t subscribe to the overpriced cable plan. I wasn’t THAT interested.

Waking up early on Saturday was tougher than I imagine. Given a choice I would rather laze about the whole weekend as the hot sun blazed over-head. However, I was being quite ambitious and decided to attempt cycling around the East Coast Park in the daytime

Then I discovered that everyone is running Singaporean/Malaysian time (i.e. later than me) and even the shops open at 910am or so. Time to gobble up some McMuffins! We sauntered towards the rentals and I was amazed at the lack of people…it was so different! I love it when it’s practically empty. I guess the majority of Asians want their lily-white complexion thus no one would go soak up sun purposefully.

All the better for me then. The guys and I pedaled up and down the pathways along the beach as YY began her lessons…apparently, her childhood skipped her by and she is now learning how to ride a bicycle. The uncle at the shop was helping her so we decided to go to the jetty and let her learn without pressure.

The jetty was also empty. Obviously, no one will be fishing at that time of the day bcoz even the fishie will shy away. Quickly cycled back to see how YY is doing and another friend has arrived. He took on the task on tutoring her how to ride and the gang decided to go for another jaunt towards Fort Road.

During my last round, I discovered this really pretty flower that looks like an underwater creature. Wonder what do you call it? Anyway, I snapped plenty of pictures of it and hopefully someone will identify it.

Lunch was at this Prawn Noodle place @ Beach Road. The only pic I managed to take was of the back of the shop because I was so hungry. The food disappeared before I remembered my camera. I think my career as a food blogger is somehow dubious, especially when I’m ravenous. Well, we can’t take pics of everything in life right?

After church on Sunday, M suggested this Thai foor @ Purvis Street. We agreed because I wanna give Thai food (in Singapore) another chance.

I’m glad we went. It was yummylicious! Every single dish was well-cooked and my personal favourite was the Mango salad. I think this place deserves a second or third visit. The salad was crunchy with lotsa anchovies while the tom yam was just nice.

The decor reminded me of those nyonya places in Malacca. Very brightly-coloured with flowers hanging at every corners. It was a cheerful place befitting of a nice restful Sunday.

We came from Trinity @ Adam to the place and got a seat promptly. Service was good enough.

My favourite for the day...Mango salad. Portion is a bit small but price was justifiable.

Tom yum soup. Lotsa seafood. Love it as well..

Vegetable. Well-cooked.

A very good desert..jelly in coconut. I snitched some from M and I think it's good too. In short, I highly-recommend this place and it has restored my faith in good and cheap Thai food in Singapore.

To burn some calories and ease digestion...a short walk around Raffles Hotel on the way to the MRT station. I really like this weekend. Too bad I have to go to work now!

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