Sunday, June 20, 2010

Do I know how to eat sushi?

Apparently not.

I have been eating it the wrong way all this time. Ever since I first encountered sushi in 1994, it was love at first sight. But I have been doing it wrong for some long.. You guys should have told me!

The right way, according to the wise Jedi masters of Itacho Sushi @ Ion Orchard, is to eat by dippin it upside down onto the soy sauce and with the sashimi part facing down & plop the whole thing, en masse, into your mouth. Other than risking having your meal falling all over the table, the other risk is of course trusting that the chef put just enough wasabi and not too much. Otherwise, make sure your dining partner knows how to do the Heimlich and you have 'wasabi overdose' covered in your insurance.

Itacho is such a wonderfully affordable restaurant, offering delectable pieces of fresh seafood atop springy bundles of rice. I cannot believe that I haven't discovered this place earlier. I must have walked past this nondescript restaurant more than 10 times in the past 1 year!

Sushi @ less than $1-2 per piece at the grand altar of commercialism! It's almost sacrilege. I love the paradox of it..I mean, 3 doors away, they are selling a pair of shoe @ $1000-2000 and here we are, gobbling food going at hawker's price.

Standards are definitely very high and I vow to come again. Some popular items like tuna sashimi sushi was gone by the time we started eating @ 6pm. We had sea eel, dorsal fish (or is it fish dorsum?), smoked salmon, ebi, scallops, crabsticks,more fresh fish and crabstick salad and total bill was less than 50. Holy macaroni! I've had paid more in Holland V for a meal of pizza (which is not even half as good...grumble, grumble) smothered in 3 times the amount of oil and less than half the amount of seafood.
Anyhow, remember Itacho the next time you decide to pay the gothic monolith...errrm, I mean, Ion Orchard a visit. Highly recommended..oishi!

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