Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The other day I forgotten when was the last time I actually trained for my run. I'm so rusted here. I hate it when I keep on postponing stuff because of work. Tired of hearing myself talk about work this, work that...cut this, cut that. Finally decided that - ENOUGH OF MY LIFE EVOLVING AROUND THE HOSPITAL, LETS DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT FOR A CHANGE!

A few days ago, I went cycling! On a stationery bike thats it....while watching Surf's Up and surfing randomly. I know surf's up has been out for ages but I was stuck in a town without a cinema for 2 years ok? Anyway, I love the movie soundtrack and the animation is so cute. Wait till I get my grubby fingers on that soundtrack......

Somehow, it's the idea of multi-tasking that really appeals to me..Therefore I went surfing (the Net), blogging, watching a movie and riding a stationery bicycle all almost at the same time! When I realized that I've finally burnt enuf calories and secretly read enuf of mindless stuff online, I repented. Finally decided to read some human physiology and literally fell asleep at the table. Aaaargh! Studying while working is tough( almost humanly impossible) when doing calls in busy-busy-busy Ipoh.

So I realized that even when I blog, I cannot run away from the omniscient presence of the hospital. Dear Lord God, I think the hospital has taken over my life. Aaaaaargh! 100 percent gonna do sth different and non-medical related this weekend. Can anyone suggest something different for the ever-hyperactive CPD?

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