Saturday, March 7, 2009

The end of leisure is the beginning of work and more work

Bandung brought about many happy memories of shopping and the end of a satisfactory and fun trip. The surrounding volcanoes, esp Tangkuban Perahu was huge and the nearby restaurant called Sapu Lidi was superb enough. I guess the highlight was the wonderful shopping, especially at Rumah Mode. For the record, I really loved the ambience and food at Sapu Lidi @ the Sawah.

Apparently, T.Perahu looks like an overturned sampan and by God, it was a gigantic boat. It looked marvellous from a distance. The cool and rainy weather also made it all the more dramatic. With hot steam rising from the 'cauldron', oops, I mean crater, we were transported to some Nat Geo or Discovery documentary. It was really worth the short drive from Bandung and this is clearly the most accessible of all active volcanoes in Java. Not that I've been to that many volcanoes! (sheepish grin)

My hope was we could trek down nearer to the point of interest. Unfortunately, some flimsy-looking gate stood in the way. Dang...

The winter-like flora around the rim of the crater was bleak and sombre enough....
That didn't stop us from snapping photographs like crazy among the gnarled, dark barks that contrasted remarkably with our colourful attires. Cool.

Still, we couldn't stay long as it was time for more shopping again. Factory outlets, here we come. Awesome!

The problem with long vacations is the amount of oncalls I have to do to replace back the amount of days I took off. I was working 36 hours four times the past 1 week and as a result, pimples sprouted out on my face, my hair grew limp and my stamina level went down the drain. Aaargh…

Anyhow, looking at the bright side, I’m back at home now and sleeping like normal again. Next up on the CPD agenda : back to training and running eh? Btw, where are my shoes again?

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