Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm 1 year old!

Or rather, my cyberspace alter-ego, the cilipadidoctor, is 1 year old. When I first started, I was still stuck in TI with a bunch of nice, crazy, friendly chums and a big, empty house. Now, I am having the time of my life with my good pals in Ipoh, a busy hospital life and a very full social calendar and most of all, the one best thing to happen to me this year bringing me smiles and cheers all the time :-)

Anyway, this blog was created initially to be a pet project..trying to pour out my literary creativity and document my passage through my twenties. As time goes by, I began to adopt a definite style. I love to jot down the many things that happen in my life outside the hospital and the various places I have visited.

I talked about the white water rafting at KKB with my TI gang. Although the water level was low, the excitement and adrenaline was high enough. I vow to go to another wwr trip soon....

I spoke briefly on my supporting role in my dear housemate, PS quest for marathoning glory in Singapore during the Stanchart Singapore Marathon 2008. It was almost Christmastime thus the giant displays at Orchard Road and goodwill all round.

I talked about the many trips up north to the wonderful Pearl of the Orient with many rainfalls and landslides. Thankfully, we managed to climb the 5 km uphill trek to the top of Penang Hill without any mishaps.

Inclusive of another 10 km run on the picturesque Penang Bridge in late 2008. I didn't do well in that race as I was unprepared, hungry and very dehydrated but the scenery was superb.

Then it was a very beautiful visit to Yunnan in China during the winter first steps upon the soil of China. This last minute trip was almost an afterthought to 2008, but it was one of the better highlight of the year.

The scenery was superb and the food scrumptious. I think the World Heritage sites accolades were truly well-deserved!

Of course, who could have forgot my actual birthday in November when I was in Singapore and celebrated it with my naughty nieces and nephews and extended family. Now, don't try to count the candles!

Along the way, I have tasted a lot of wonderful food in Malaysia and beyond. Of course, I couldn't resist snapping pics of the food I've eaten so far. Yummy...

Of course, I came back recently from a very fun trip to Java with a few backpacking buddies and it was a good adventure. We had very good deals, easy-to-follow schedule, interesting sights and sounds albeit the hit and misses with hotel rooms. Ah, the trials and tribulations of backpacking in Southeast Asia!

Looking forward to many more wonderful adventures and be sure to keep your eyes glued to these pages as I strive to blog more.
P.S : In case you noticed, I've mentioned mostly events in the second half of the year. What happened to the missing half? The reason was that my previous notebook was stolen from my room in the Medical Officer quarters in Teluk Intan in October. Therefore, I couldn't easily trace most of my pictures from earlier part of the year. Nevertheless, it wasn't that eventful and I choose to concentrate on better days. Here's wishing for happier, more glorious days ahead for little CPD!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday.

hope you'll jot down more of your thoughts.

keep it up!

opkenny said...

Happy Birthday to ya!
Keep on writing.

Anonymous said...

A belated birthday to you, CPD ...Hope there will be more journey's everywhere n the best in life for u.....truckerwen