Friday, March 20, 2009

Life cut short

Just the other day, 2 young adults (both in early twenties) died in my hospital's casualty department and it was barely 1 week before I hear of another tragic loss...a well-known actress from a lineage of movie stars fell on a ski slope and died from head injuries.

I know I try my best to write about happier stuff in my life but at times, I couldn't be more sober and serious when it comes to human lives. The truth is that there is a substantial number of people taking unnecessary risks when it comes to speed. The two young adults were from Kampar and died after a night out in Ipoh..the collision was high-speed and they didn't survive long enough to reach the operating table where we could have done something for them.

A few things I always tell my friends...and if you read this, you are considered as a friend too :

Don't drink and drive.

Do wear helmets and protective gears in certain situations, e.g high-intensity sports, on motorbikes, etc.

In case an accident occur, please remember that people with head injuries can appear totally normal in the first few hours of accident. As long as they fell on their head (no matter how old or young the person is), do bring them to medical attention.

- in memory of head injuries victims, especially those I have treated -

~~~~~May you rest in peace~~~~~


koolgeek said...

so kind of you. think about those innocent lives lost because of these drunk driving kids.

koolgeek said...

btw, are you still at TI?