Sunday, March 8, 2009

ABC on Java (as according to CPD) Part 1

A : Ants. Hardworking insects preferring to work in team. Also produce a form of larvae irresistible to pet birds. Found in massive number in Pasar Ngasem, Jogja.

B : Batik. We have our own version, but IMHO, the Javanese produces the most brilliant, vibrant artwork with batik. Superb artisans..

C : Craters. Since Indonesia has one of the most turbulent landscape in the world and the amazing collections of volcanoes meant that we could access any volcanoes almost anytime, anywhere in this country.

D : Darlings. The demure ladies from the islands of Java and beyond, particularly from Madura and Bali are well-known to be irresistible, docile and hot,hot,hot. Of course Indonesian maids are exceptions to the cause, but have you seen the specimens on Indon tv? Yummylicious....

E : Enterprising. The people there can sell anything, from Gudang Garam cigarettes, to parking lots. Of course they sell batik printings and silverware in massive number.

F : Foreign influence. The Dutch came, saw and conquered (veni, vincci, vedi). It shows on the architecture and food.

G : Grim skyline. Despite the cities bursting at their seams with the countless human population, the infrastructure is buckling under the pressure and the skyline certainly doesn't reflect the size of the city.

H : Handicraft. This place is famous for batik, silver-ware and brownies. Hey, creating delicious food is a handy craft!

I : Impressive preservation of culture. Ancient Hindu dances depicting the story from ancient text like Ramayana and Mahabharata were preserved in the biggest Muslim country in the world. Intriguing huh?

So stay tuned for the next edition of CPD's Alphabet Calendar on Java...

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