Saturday, November 8, 2008

An early preview before the real posts start

My trip to China started with a brief sojourn in the clean and hi-tech Singapore. There are multiple beautiful sculptures strewn all over the gleaming new Changi airport as I snapped pictures of them. After busy surfing on the island-wide free Wi-fi lines, I boarded the China Eastern airplane and we took off to Kunming, China in the wee hours of the morning. The trip was tiring but comfortable as each of us took 3 seats for sleeping!

Without breakfast, I was pretty grumpy as I tried to rouse myself in the cool, refreshing morning air in the city of Eternal Spring, Kunming. Yunnan is tucked away in the southwestern corner of China and as a result, autumn and winter are always pleasantly mild and invigorating. The pleasant climate also resulted in extremely charming flowers and gardens.

As my godmom and I took a morning stroll around the Dianchi Park, I marvelled at how beautiful life is.

Coming up next...more stories on Kunming and Yunnan, the province filled with strange and amazing wonders, together with visits to Unesco Wonders of the World, Li-jiang and JiuXiang-Shilin National Parks.

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