Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On a more personal note...a break from the travelogues

Stuck in the OT waiting for some patients to arrive so that I can chop them up, erm, I mean operate on them. The past few weeks after I came back from China has been the best time of my life. I’ve never felt happier and more hopeful and carefree than currently. It’s amazing how God can work on me while I was on a break and totally rejuvenated my body, mind and spirit in the process.

For the first time, I spent my birthday in a different country which is so near to Malaysia physically and culturally that I felt as if I was still in KL. Although my closest friends weren’t around, at least I got my birthday cake, hehe, and it’s the most chocolatey (is that a legal English word?) cake ever. I justified the calories by running after my hyper-active & extremely cheeky niece and nephew, 2 year-old and 8 year-old respectively. It’s quite hilarious seeing their funny antics and smart retorts. Why are kids so precocious nowadays?

Not only that, I’ve finally gotten my necessity in life..a laptop. Alas, I’m back to the Information Age! No more ‘cyber-squatting’ in front of computers in the hospital or going to my friend’s house to borrow their laptops. At the present moment, yours truly is still lacking an Internet connection but I vowed that I’ll overcome my procrastination and will actually get connected by this year…

Anyway, the weekend up north in Penang was worth all the driving (mostly on Pui San’s part) and we wished that the stay was a lot longer. Do check out PS’s blog at www.peeass.blogspot.com for the funniest commentary on 2 jokers who came to Penang just for a run, rented a relatively expensive hotel room far away from Queensbay Mall and then, drove back to Perak for work on the very next day. The things we do for our obsessions in life!Anyway, the act of keeping fit, pushing up my stamina and building endurance is quite tough considering my hectic schedule back here in DC.

Had many on-calls since then and been lacking a bit on my zzzz. My immediate aim is to be able to run 10km within respectable time before aiming for the half marathon next year, but wah…fat chances of that happening considering that I might need to start studying for the next MRCS exam soon.

So, for once in my life, I think I have to be camera-shy jor…no new photographs of me until my disastrous skin recovers! Till then, I’ll only resort to the position behind instead of in front of the lens. Time to stay low profile until my busy month (December) is over :-)

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pui san said...

whats wrong with ur skin? aiyah...just photoshop out the blemished parts and u'll be looking picture perfect in no time!!!!! ah....the wonders of technology!