Friday, November 28, 2008

10 Reasons why 2008 is not so horrid after all Part 2

This is the continuation from Part 1..a personal audit of 2008

5. Teluk Intan

Hold on, I've been in TI for almost 2 years it's not a surprise that I've come to love this place. Yeah, I've finally figure that life here is slow-going, relaxed and 'cheaper'. It's not that eating out here is that economical, but the major point is that I can't go splurge in major shopping centres and eat in high-end restaurants unlike when I was in KL.

So, it's kinder on my coffers comparatively. Not only that, many more 'markers' of civilization has arrived or is arriving and so I feel very comfortable here. The best part is that I'm allowed to do a lot of surgical interventions and procedures here as long as I show competency, responsibility and proper knowlege in handling the equipments.

Therefore, this is a very nice learning ground for me to hone my surgical skills, knowledge and attitude at this stage of my training.

4. New gadgets

When I lost my stuff to burglars, I was very down (ok, ok, fine..I was depressed for a short while). Yet like what they say, the old has to go before the new can arrive. My new laptop is so cute, light and efficient with more memory and more programs to explore. At the same time, my new PDA is doing fine as it is fast becoming indispensable.

3. Wonderful travel places

If you are one of the handful ardent followers of my blog (thanks a lot for your support, CHEERS!) you would realize that I travelled a lot this year. Seriously, I think I broke a personal record for the amount of travelling I did this year and it's all thanks to a wonderful boss, nice colleagues and a lot of great pals whom I travelled with.

The highlights of this year included Kota Kinabalu, Mount Kinabalu, Kudat, Singapore, Penang, Ipoh, Yunnan (my first time in China) and many wonderful events in KL.

2. Wonderful friends
I've met a lot of new friends in this year and some of them will become my life-long buddies. It's amazing how fast we build lasting friendships when we are put in a small town and this is a special tribute to the 'gang' in Teluk Intan, Ipoh and KL. You know who you are...

Not only that, I've learnt that some people go in and out of our lives and although some of my old friends have left my life for better or worse, I know that they played a role in our journey in life. Of course, I'm also very grateful that some 'toxic' friendships have been eliminated. Although it was toxic at that point, if I could recognize the warning signs and lessons learnt, I'll do better in the future. Definitely :-p

1. Walking with God
Through the darkest, stormiest hours of my life, He was there for me. In my solitude and misery, He was my consolation. There is none like Jesus and for that I'm ever grateful. He walked with me through all the tears, fears and joy. He enables me to excel in so many things I choose to focus in.
I grew closer to the Lord amidst all the tribulations in the past 11 months. My life was greatly enriched by the ups and downs. At times, I wonder why is it that a few of my dreams remained dreams, visions still unfulfilled..until I began to surrender it all to the Lord and ask for patience, endurance and peace.

the year is drawing to a close..I reviewed my new year's resolution and discovered that I've actually achieved plenty of it. So, hey, 2008 is not too bad after all!

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All3 said...

What you wrote is really cool...may God bless you richly. All the best to you.