Thursday, June 26, 2008


P.E.T.I. is not the Malaysian version of SETI.

P.E.T.I. is also not a super-secret organization formed to fight crimes and rid the world of all evils.

P.E.T.I. is an exciting event coming soon to a town near you, organized by the bored masterminds of Teluk Intan, namely the creative brainpower of a few doctors here. It's to be used for the greater good of mankind.

So, stay tuned for more information on P.E.T.I.

In the meantime, let me whine about the state of internet connection in the past few days. I cannot even upload a foto or any blog entry. I'm not sure whether this is being put up or not so lets cross my fingers and hope for the best. Therefore, no pictures until the state of internet affairs has been mended...sob sob...


darren said...

Pe(s)t Exterminators of Teluk Intan

the cili padi doctor said... are witty.

however, we don't believe in animal cruelty so nope, answer's incorrect.

keep your eyes glued for more info.

we are definitely a non-profit group though so don't worry, it's not an advertising gimmick :-)

darren said...


the cili padi doctor said...

Smile..are you going to go inter-galactic on me?

No psychiatrist involved. Sorry.

This is getting kinda innovative actually. Bet you will be disappointed with the actual answer with the rate of hilarious suggestions that you are giving. :-)