Monday, June 9, 2008

Not Your Average Super Hero

The following is a fictional account from the desk of Sammie Hoo, an ambitious but always intimidated young reporter from Marvel Magazines at the big metropolis of Kay-El.

"My first interview with Wonder Woman"

I still remember that eventful day when my editor-in-chief slammed his door shut and stormed towards me. "You, Samantha. Come into my office right now."

As I timidly made my way to the office, I could hear the sniggering and whispering behind my back. It's been two weeks since I last reported on any significant news and I could feel my head on the chopping block. I know that I am not performing well but I think I deserve a final chance.

"Miss Hoo. I don't know what you have done for yourself but Diana Prince herself has asked for you to write an article for her. She will meet you in an hour's time at the coffee shop downstairs!"
"But sir, I am not prepared..." I stammered.

Despite my protestations, I was shooed out of the room and I trembled as I arranged my papers on my desk. My co-workers asked gently about me and I told them what happened. Everyone is shocked that Ms Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman' has asked to see me. The next one hour passed by like a bullet train as I tried to compose some questions for my all-important interview that might be my final piece for this magazine. When the time came, I made myself to the Star Been Cafe and waited for the woman who changed Kay-El. I held my breath as I saw an amazonian figure drifted to the entrance.

"Hello. Miss Sammie. How do you do? Thanks for meeting me at such short notice"

I've never met someone so dignified, so royalty-like, so gigantic. Her presence is astounding. As I stood up in attention, she laughed at my discomfort and asked me to sit down while ordering two cups of lattes for us. I began to ask her about her day and she quickly began her story.

"Dear girl. I am going to talk about the worse day of my life!"

And so her story begins. Last week, Wonder Woman received a phone call from a woman called S. S is a young lady at the age of 25 year old and she was staying in one of the northern states. Miss S was forced to marry Encik M as his third wife as her father is falling into debts and Encik M had his eyes on her. She asked for Wonder Woman to help her as she was in love with En T.

Therefore, on that fateful Friday, Wonder Woman made her way to that northern state and changed into her costume in one of the public toilet. The moment she stepped out of the toilet, she stepped onto a pile of bull-shit. She exclaimed some mild expletives and suddenly, two men in white caps appeared. They looked horrified and closed their eyes. One of them called someone and as WW was puzzled, she began to asked them if she could help them. The older man fainted the moment she touched him. Failing to feel for a pulse, she began doing CPR on him in the public and a crowd gathered. A police vehicle arrived.

Initially, she was relieved that help came. To her dismay, she was being arrested. For what? She asked.

"Cik ditahan kerana berpakaian tidak senonoh and melakukan perbuatan melampau di khalayak ramai".

WTF, she was furious. She took out her lasso and began to disarm the officers from all their weapons and clothes even..leaving them with only their underwear. In her fit of anger, she even overthrown their car. Then she took off in flight leaving the entire crowd in so much of amazement that they forgotten all about their prayers.

"So, in short, my dear Sammie. I was so furious," WW summarized.

"I agree with you. Those men were horrendous, " I agreed.

"No, Sammie. It wasn't that. That stupid bull-shit spoiled my Hermes sandals!"

We had a good laugh and I realized that WW is such a sport after all. I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat as I know that I have an article worthy of a Pulitzer prize. I was so relieved that my career is no longer at stake. Thus began a wonderful working relationship between Diana and I as this first joyful encounter marked the beginning of my journey in documenting her many wonderful exploits.


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