Friday, June 6, 2008

Goofing around in my spare time

This habit of blogging is getting kinda addictive lately. It's not like I have a fetish for airing my laundry in the public albeit mostly clean :-P. It's kinda therapeutic having a journal, especially an interactive kind that ppl can respond and comment to. It's like having a dialog with an multitude of people and moreover, displaying my rigid and rudimentary style of writing and basic photography skills to the online community is a way of me accepting comments and learning to improve.

Goofing around used to be the last thing on my mind previously. At times, I take things too seriously, esp when it concerns things that I care about and I found out that it's very stifling, tiresome and constricting to the people involved. I resolved that care should be tempered with moderation. IMHO, I think this is a major liberation on my previously narrow thinking. Nowadays, I am learning daily to enjoy taking things lightly when it comes to non-medical stuff and it works. Smiles and laughters do come on more often :-)

Found out that there are plenty of things to do in one's free time. Having joined nuffnang for the first time in this week, it dawned upon me that there is a whole new world out there. There are just so many blogs to explore, websites to click, beautiful photographs to look at and people to chat with.

There is also a few other past-times that I have completely neglected. My saxophone and guitar lay in the dusty corner, awaiting their lazy mistress to coax music out of them. My books yell out silently to me : "Hey you, finish me up!". My room yelped silently, looking for a consistent order & theme. Ah, time to buck up and do the needful..

One last thing still looking out for a bunch of friendly divers willing to accept a PADI novice like me into their fold. Although the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. Cannot seem to find the right time, group and place to dive at and I am really itching to go into the deep blue sea again and join the wonderful underwater paradise again.

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