Sunday, June 8, 2008

Botani-maniac..God's creations are beautiful!

I regularly jog around the blocks of flats in the hospital compound. although not the most exciting of setting, I do see amazing offerings from the world of plants as I huff and puff my way around the mostly nondescript blocks of buildings. Wait a minute...Jogging in the hospital? I must be joking..

To me, having an opportunity to improve my stamina is like finding tin mine in sungai perak again. not impossible but a hard thing to do. My lifestyle involve a lot of time in the hospital previously but strangely, recently I have been reaching my room before 530 pm when I am not oncall. Yeah, thats the joy of walking to work. Makes me feel very proud when I think of the carbon credits that I am earning. However, it's all back to square one the moment I decide to drive back to KL...imagine the long-distance drive and the consumption of fuel. In the light of the current prices of fuel, I guess I will repent and go green..yup, car-pool is the way to go!

Uhm..I deviated from my point again. Anyway, I find that activating my life could be easily done after all. By 6pm, I will push my lazy butt out of the door for a few minutes of outdoor joy. Raising my heart rate to the optimum level and sustaining it for about 20 minutes and back to my house again. Been trying to do that at least 3 times a week but so far, to be honest, I have been achieving a proper work-out for only once or twice a week. I would rather sit in front of the computer and blog or browse other blogs. I know I know, again the adage, the spirit is willing and the flesh is weak rings so true. So easier said than done. Time to walk the talk, huh? (pun intended)

So, during one of my long-cherished run around the hospital, I decided to snap a few pictures of this area..and i was jumping up and down with joy as I capture this picture of two cili-padi.. yeah, my emblem and moniker in the world of blogspot. Talking about cili padi, just been told by a guy friend that CILI PADI is a column in FHM. As I am obviously not a guy, I don't really read male magazines so I was curious about it. Discovered that it's actually a column on local hotties displaying their luscious goodies to the 'reading' population. Haha..I had a good laugh because seriously, that is the last thing I would do as I know that my level of 'hotness' has little to do with physical attributes but more to do with my character and mind. IMHO, looks come and go but our inner qualities and a good, wholesome well-rounded character is the most attractive feature any girl could have. Well, anyway we are all beautiful in God's eyes.

Then I turned around and saw this majestic tree right outside my humble room. My abode for the past 1 year is located at a serene corner and the yellow flowers are in full bloom. As I breathed in the lightly-scented air and marvelled at the vibrant yellow (thoughts of a DIGI customer) petals, I thought about the book of Ecclesiastes. Yeah, the cynical but sharp book by the wise Teacher : There is a time for everything under the sun..and maybe a time for me to move on.

Suddenly, it dawned upon me. No matter how much I have enjoyed my leisurely and laidback lifestyle in Teluk Intan, I think I have lost my natural edge and hyper-active drive. Of course it's better that I am less 'kan cheong' now and more even-tempered, but I need an outlet to express myself and to pour my restless energy into.

Therefore, I have decided to put in an application for transfer of hospital next week and allow God to work in my life in a whole-new different way. It's time to learn how to trust in Him completely and to embrace life with my own terms, to move on to another battle-ground and see what God wants to do with me. In short, I am learning to embrace the unexpected and wonder at the grace at work. Oh what an exciting time indeed..

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