Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Photos come later and the state of Malaysian Traffic

I guess this is my first plain post without any pics. Not that I am getting lazy or that I didn't take any fotos recently. On the contrary, I took so much of fotos that I dunno how to handle them and decided to procrastinate and write instead. I guess it takes some courage on my part to let my writing do all the talking instead; but I promise that my next blog will have more pictures on it than hair on Ronaldo's head...

anyway, I wanna complain about the state of Kuala Lumpur's traffic. I dunno what's wrong with the population but can someone please tell me why a 3-lane highway can have a 30 mins long traffic jam at 1130 pm at night? I mean, it's scary just to think how many ppl are actually out there driving at that unearthly hour but what on earth is happening to KL roads? I think I might have been in TI long but not that long to rationally think : WHY ARE WE HAVING TRAFFIC CONGESTION IN THE MIDNIGHT/EARLY HOURS OF THE MORNING?

Something totally insane must be happening in Klang Valley. Maybe it's a rare white elephant crossing the road or a Mat Rempit bleeding to death while 'concerned' motorists slowed down to copy his bike's number for their next 4D/ lottery number purchases. Or maybe Maria Sharapova is shooting the next Canon commercial by the roadside wearing the skimpiest bikini... was just the closure of one lane to fix the lamp-post. Yup, that caused the entire 1 km long jam along the MRR2. Before long, I think a boy crossing the road will cause a jam from Zoo Negara to Cheras. Preposterous...

Sigh. I guess I'm just getting used to the KL traffic again. After all, on that tiring day, I thought I deserve to complain as I was driving back from a seriously strenuous rock-climbing exertion at the Summit USJ (which is practically the other side of Klang Valley). It was my first experience and my muscles are still screaming in pain as I type. Of course I took plenty of pictures to commemorate my 'reach' for the top. Let's just say that I wish that I am more flexible and that my limbs are longer. It's just so sad to see the way I have to stretch to reach for some of the rocks. How pathetic :-p

i really enjoyed myself and vowed to do more stretching and muscle-building exercises so that I am prepared for the next round. Before long, I sure hope that I can conquer the outdoor rock circuits at Batu Caves, Ipoh, Krabi and who knows, maybe I can do that Tom Cruise mission impossible stunt at the Grand Canyon (now u know why I call this blog 'dreams and changes'..dream first, change later!!)

ok, i know by now that i have officially bored myself and everyone else with so many words so i will cut my story short and hope that I could upload interesting and pretty pics soon. oh..let me see, i think i have one pic after all :

this is how I wish will happen to all cars in KL..that one day in the future, every vehicle owner will have their keys in a centralized storage area and people travelling are assigned to do so based on the fastest route and best coordinated time after a clearance from the city-wide traffic controller system. Yeah, though I am not good at stretching my muscles, I do STRETCH my imagination, A LOT...

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Product of the System said...

I think photography is very much about talent.

You have just that.

Much envy.

God bless.