Friday, April 25, 2008

A day before my long hiatus

Today was supposed to be my packing day. I'll be MIA in KK for next 11 days and seriously, I dunno how to pack when I have so many things to do. In essential, I'm escaping to cyberspace for a brief respite from chores and errands. It's kinda fun blogging even when you are supposed to do other things. I was randomly blog-surfing when I was astounded that so many of my friends are actually blogging like mad. It's a big big world out there and I'm so encouraged by the number of friends who are maintaining their blogs regularly. Way to go, man!

That's a pic of me on my first wall-climb experience. I was a Lara-Croft wannabe but sadly, my limbs are just a wee bit short for the handholds and reaches at times. And definitely I don't have Lara's well-endowed proportions. Anyhow, climbing is a strangely addictive sport and I feel like going again although after my long break in Borneo, my boss will probably ground me in Teluk Intan for a long time. There goes my social life and sporting activities way man, I will find a way to be as hyper as ever..

This is my new group of friends. Mostly new anyway. They belong to a club called LOD (Locus Outdoor Dynamic) and they are a hyperactive, fun, cheerful bunch of ppl. They multiply via multiply and have various outdoor activities throughout Klang Valley and beyond. In short, really adventurous souls who are down-to-earth and humble.

This is my climbing partner, Sally. We are supposed to be around the same size. Unfortunately, I'm too small for anyone there and even Sally is at least 3-4 inches taller than me. As a result, I feel like I could fly up each time I belay anyone down. I am still trying to figure out what is the advantage of being a petite person.

After my highly-anticipated and uneventful MRCS 2 exams held in Corus Hotel (a last minute change), I was hanging around in KL for a few lazy days while awaiting for my flight out to KK. So, decided to go to Mid-valley (the Gardens, precisely) and went to the Signature @ Gardens, the flagship cinema belonging to GSC. I paid a reasonable amount of money for a theatre which is practically empty (only 6 ppl in the theatre that Wednesday) and watched 'Escape from Huang Shi', a movie which feels like a docudrama from Hallmark. It was nice,educational and unlike the typical Hollywood fare. Quite thought-provoking but I wonder whether the show will ever be aired in Japan as there were a few graphic killing scenes from World War two.

I don't have a sweet-tooth and I often forget that fact when I look at well-presented food at expensive restaurants. My weakness is for pretty-looking things and the moment I place sweet stuff in my mouth, I will end up feeling a bit nauseated. Ordered this cheese-raspberry-chocolate muffin from Dlish and ended up given more than half of it to Tim. Thank God for Tim!

This is my first time to D'lish and it's kinda unique. They serve gourmet food in a ready-to-go format so that busy people in the rat-race could grab whatever they want and leave in a sec. As for us, we are more interested in the Wi-fi and so, spent quite some time in there.

Sometimes, it's amazing how contrasting my life could be. One week I will be seeing patients from a totally different background and when I am there in TI, it feels like a throwback to a different era where people grow and harvest their own food and walk to work. The moment I take this 2 hour drive down the PLUS highway to the giant metropolis of Kuala Lumpur, I am back in the ultra-chic, cyber-age globalized atmosphere. We have no choice but to drive to most places as the whole conurbation is gigantic and the public transportation is woeful. Not only that, the number of Wi-Fi hotspots are mushrooming so much that we could be connected to the Internet in more than half of the public places. It's like a Dickensian tale..u know,in the veins of 'a Tale of Two Cities'. Just that I am renaming it to a 'tale of a girl in two cities'. A study in contrast, really..

I will be travelling across the ocean to another beautiful city tomorrow. It's my second time to KK this year but this time around, I will not be travelling alone as there are almost 10 other people who will be coming along. However, it's so humbling to realize that this trip has a totally different perspective from how I planned it in the beginning of the year. It took me a lot of courage, inner resolve and prayer to carry on with this trip after the events of last month but I am determined to joyfully cherish each day of my life. Hopefully I can blog from Sabah? Do pray for my safety in travel and hope to share lotsa nice pics from the land below the winds..See ya!


darren said...

Have a safe journey. Fyi, KK has internet connection.

rinukuts said...

Have a safe journey to KK . I guess you really love KK or Sabah in general. You should ask for transfer to Sabah. I bet you won't regret it.

plz..share your pictures and nice stories about your journey..

May God bless you and enjoy you stay in KK.