Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fascination and amazement

I realized that I have this strong predilection for sunsets, sunrise, sea and mountains. I mean, as you look around my site and also on my facebook, I do take a lot of pictures on nature. The colours displayed during brilliant sunsets in Teluk Intan and Kota Kinabalu are equally amazing. Even the sunrise climb at Bukit Tabur (which is practically the backyard of the Klang Valley conurbation) is fantastic and amazing. Although my photography and editing skills are still in infancy, I can only hope that I will grow leaps and bounds in this area as I try to capture the wonderful glimpse of the glory of creation with my little, old camera.

If you look at the picture below which I took while I was alone in KK, I lost trace of the sheer amount of colours displayed. This kind of beauty is most captivating when there are clouds in the sky, meaning either rain will come or has fallen. It will be less intriguing if it was to be a clear sky. Then it occurred to me that the same goes for human beings. No matter how amazing a person can appear to be, all of us have flaws. Yet that doesn't mean that we are fact, the flaws and imperfections in each person can only highlight how special and wonderful each soul is.

Last month, one of my longtime buddies got married. She has this gentle, humble spirit that is so endearing and down-to-earth. I was glad and touched when she broke the news that she was to tie the knot in a church in Kelana Jaya. I made sure that I could attend the wedding. I am always fascinated at how two people are connected together in love. There is just so much of trust, sacrifice, understanding, hope, assurance, long-suffering and many many more things involved in the equation. The thought of finding a soulmate is the most interesting and mysterious thing on earth sometimes. I mean out of the billions of people on earth, how do we know whether God intends that person to be your other half?

Not only that, how about the family we are born into? They always say that we can choose our friends and enemies but we can never choose our family. They are part of our lives, the very fibre of the fabric that forms us as individual. As my father went for an angiogram yesterday, I felt so relieved that everything went smoothly. Although he has to go for another session (because he didn't agree for the definitive, therapeutic procedure), I made sure that I will be in KL when he is in the angioplasty suite the next time round. As we grow up, news of life and death, birth and illness, laughters and tears, would all mingle together, juxtaposed into a giant big picture that we can fondly look upon whenever we become retrospective and philosophical.

Not only that, we were finishing clinic in the afternoon when I started chatting with my colleagues and bosses. We are having a sudden influx of rectal cancer cases diagnosed in the past 2 weeks. The worrying trend is that younger patients are getting cancers..I counselled a 50 year-old Chinese man that he is about to undergo a big operation to remove the tumour in my hospital electively. He was very calm and asked very relevant questions. Despite the busy clinic, I could feel that he wanted to know more. After my lunch, he came back with his daughter and chatted with me for a while longer. Then it dawned upon me that this scenario could happen to you and I..that any of us could be that daughter or that patient.

That's why it is important that we remind all the people that are important to us that they matter most. Material things come and go but relationships and values remain. I try my best to remind the people around me that I value them and love them. Am always so thankful that God gives me the opportunity to live another day to add 'salt' to the earth..

Life is also not always black and white..there are shades of grey in between.

Anyway, a big thanks to those of you who gave comments, either good or bad. Well, mostly good lar...(smile, smile)..I appreciate all your kind gestures. Do drop by regularly as I am a very avid reader and writer. I will definitely update my blog if I could find time. Till we meet again in cyberspace, ciao!


jochyn81 said...

wow, that sunset photo is beautiful!

CK Tan said...

KK is one of the best city in Malaysia blessed with sunsets pregnant with amazing display of colours. never fail to amaze me. feel lucky to be a sabahan.

the cili padi doctor @ Lynette said...


thanx for dropping by. i try my utmost best to post my own pictures because I am confused with all the copyrights rules and worried that someday, someone will come sue my pants off if i take their pictures and post on my blog.

but i love to take pictures of colourful stuff because I like colours.

looking forward to my next trip to KK next weekend. hope to take even more pics then. keep u guys updated!!