Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Parco caffe-new favourite hang-out

One of the newer cafe to hit town in the Tanjong Pagar area is uniquely called Parco caffe (no it's the actual name, not a typo). The concept is quite good - tuck a nice little cafe in a quiet cul-de-sac called Raeburn Park and voila, you have customers streaming by word of mouth. And also a feeder bus from the nearby MRT station for those without a car. Yes, it is THAT quiet.

YY found this place and brought me here..more brownies points for him for unearthing this favourite new place of ours. The ambience is cool and quirky, with a lot of importance placed on the quality of the food and decor. Moreover, the price is affordable considering the ingredients they used. So let's get to the main topic of discussion : food.

Now the staff serving us are really attentive and quick to action. We sat down and upon ordering, there was this wonderful breads and flat-bread complete with the usual suspects of fine olive oil and tomato-based pesto. This is courtesy of the house (we love freebies!)

The range of appetizer is quite good for a small-ish place. We tried the tempura-squid rings and vegetable with mayo dip and it was a winner. We liked it so much, we ordered it again the next time we went.

On our second round, we added an exotic-sounding appetizer called cold angel hair pasta with tobiko, bottargo and truffle oil...

This dish was truly unusual as it's no the typical savoury pasta - you have got to taste it to enjoy the explosion of different flavours. Definitely one dish to share with your dining kaki..

For some unknown reason, I've uploaded the dessert before the main course not because of my sweet tooth. I'm hardly a dessert person..serious...anyway, methink it's because it's so darn good. We chose to end the enjoyable meal with the pavlova with wafer and vanila ice cream and strawberry. The extremely soft and light pavlova is made of whipped cream (as what I learnt from Australian Masterchef last season) and I truly loved it because it ain't too sweet. Perfect foil to the crispy wafer and strawberry. The portion is just nice for a small eater (that's what I claim to be...)

Main course during my first visit was this awesome juicy steak and surprisingly tasty foie gras laced with truffle oil and sides of rosti and mushrooms. Being a highly ethical person, felt a slight tinge of guilt as I bit into the goose liver. Strangely decadent and probably went straight to my was a delicious combination nevertheless.

Free 'dessert' courtesy of the cafe. Macaroons, berries and cookies. Kooky and tasty..just the way I remember Parco Caffe...looking forward to exploring more of its exquisite menu.

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